Zyflamend vs Turmeric Force

Human Body is a complex structure that gets manifested by way of integration of various elements. The body has multiple inbuilt mechanisms to heal and sustain itself when an injury or damage occurs internally or externally to its physical structure. Many tend to think that inflammation is infection. However, it is quite the opposite. Inflammation is body’s reaction to heal itself from the infection. While infection is caused by bacteria, virus or fungi, inflammation is the response created by body to heal itself out of the infection. Now that we know a little bit about inflammation, let us deep dive, understand and possibly arrive at a conclusion of which among the two is better. Both the products are from Newchapter. So, let’s begin the battle between Zyflamend and Turmeric Force. We will title this discussion as Zyflamend vs Turmeric Force.


To review the visible facts, both Zyflamend and Turmeric Force are ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’. They both are vegetarian and hence no winner or loser here. So, let’s jump into the details to see if we can find a clear winner there. The Supplemental Facts of Zyflamend boasts a big list with the likes of Turmeric, Rosemary, Ginger, Organic Tea and the list goes on. On the other hand, Turmeric Force has a smaller list of Turmeric and Organic Turmeric as part of its ingredients list. Turmeric, the common ingredient in both of the above products is known for its antibacterial antifungal values and is extensively used for coloring in Asian cuisines. The other ingredients of Zyflamend which are not part of Turmeric Force such as Ginger, Holy Basil etc. provide key nutrients to body. So, we have a clear winner here which is Zyflamend. (Have a look: Zyflamend vs Curamin)


Moving on to the dosage, the suggested use of Zyflamend is two capsules for day. On the other hand, Turmeric’s suggested use is one capsule for day. Zyflamend has key ingredients that are vital to the body and having an intake of twice would increase the quantity of these ingredients in the body. So, we can vote for Zyflamend in this section considering the fact of increased quantity of required ingredients in the body.


To conclude, in the battle of Zyflamend vs Turmeric Force, we have a clear winner which is Zyflamend and the benefits are clear for everyone to see. So, let’s buy Zyflamend and enjoy all the benefits the product has to offer to the body.

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