Zipfizz vs Nuun

Morning can somehow be tough for some people. Especially for the man, wake up can be quite troublesome. It is understandable, because of the amount of work we have to take. Somehow it feels the energy is depleted and not enough. But that problem can be solved by Zipfizz and Nuun energy drink. Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink which mainly consists of caffeine, green tea, and guarana seed. This product will increase your energy level and promotes your overall health. On the different page, we have Nuun as an hydrating electrolyte tablet. If Zipfizz has powder form, then Nuun has tablet form. Both act as a stimulant in your body. So let’s check if Zipfizz and Nuun are the answer for your lack of energy.

Zipfizz vs Nuun

Maybe you are surprised with the use of many fruit extracts in the Zipfizz. Your expectation must be that Zipfizz will deliver pretty well in flavor aspect. But in reality, Zipfizz has an unpleasant taste. The ingredients like grape seed extract, orange soda, citrus, and berry are not used to enhance the flavor. While many are looking forward to its taste, it is very disappointing when it taste bad. On the other hand, Nuun Active Hydration feels good with the mixing flavor of milk and orange. The bit of effervescence is refreshing and mind blowing. It is surprising for tablet-like products to deliver in flavor aspect.


In the end what becomes the primary concern is about the performance. Zipfizz is turning the table in this section. Even though Zipfizz lacks scientific proof, but Zipfizz delivers when used as energy products. Many positive comments about the amount of energy that Zipfizz give is immense. Outside from that, Zipfizz also can be used as the weight loss products. It is because energy drink usually using artificial sweeteners.

Zipfizz is against it and has no artificial sweeteners in it. That also explains to us why it has a terrible taste. On the other hand, Nuun Active Hydration also performs pretty well when used. Nuun recently changed the formulation of their product. Now Nuun includes the plant-based sweetener. The old one didn’t have it. Nuun is suitable to be consumed by doing exercise or in the morning. It will make your body filled with energy and ready to start the day.


Overall, both products have a high quality, but Nuun as a whole is better than Zipfizz. So we recommend you to take Nuun because it is better in every aspect then Zipfizz.

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