Zipfizz vs Gatorade

Energy drinks are awesome! right? They came a long way into making work outs and daily chores are done with with that extra energy boost. The tricky part however is choosing which one is good for you especially if you don’t know what you want and what they mean with the long lists of ingredients they tell you the drinks have. For instance, lets compare Zipfizz VS Gatorade energy drinks which we see in almost all supermarkets and stores.


The Zipfizz brand has been a good choice for many offering about 10 calories per bottle. the manufacturers insist on no sugar content in the product and over 22 nutrients all at one go. What makes this energy drink awesome is its 15 minute reaction time to make the user start experiencing the magic. Hey wait, the manufactures also insist on the drink being called an energy mix and not an energy drink. Tricky, huh? (Read also : Zipfizz vs 5 Hour Energy)


The Gatorade is however another common brand in the field with production of the product in both liquid and water soluble powder. This is especially good for people on the go and don’t want to carry a lot of liquids and can purchase the powder form of Gatorade. Having over 10 years experience in the industry, the brand has greatly improved though with a few minor complaints on the taste of their flavors especially the grape flavor, The Gatorade brand is an awesome energy drink.


Coming to think of it, the two brands have a totally different approach to the production of energy boosting drinks with one of the clearly open differences being the use of sucrose which is basically table sugar in Gatorade and the insistence of no sugar in Zipfizz. It can be held that Zipfizz is arguably the better and healthier alternative and would be great for people watching out for their health and still want to get that energy boost. Gatorade is also a great energy drink especially with the powder portability advantage. However, when all is said and done, the decision lies with you. So whats going to be your pick in the Zipfizz vs Gatorade tug of war.

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