Zipfizz vs Ecodrink

Are you having a problem with too much work? Somehow working can be hard and tiresome. If your body is suffering too much workload, it will start to disobey your command and start to ruin your overall activity, unless you consume some stimulant drink like an energy drink. Unlike many other drinks, Zipfizz is invented just for recharging your energy and zap you up from your bad state. You will love the ingredients which contain many fruits. On the other side, we also welcome you with Ecodrink. While Zipfizz is a common drink that we often use, Ecodrink is a special energy drink for sports. Ecodrink surprises the market by becoming the first to offer sports drink with no sugar, no carbs, no sodium, and no caffeine. It pretty much heightens the expectation of the market and makes us ended in disbelief. Then, should we believe that it works? Let’s check it out.

Zipfizz vs Ecodrink

Zipfizz contains a lot of multifunction ingredients like arginine, taurine, potassium, green tea extract, and grape seed extract. Arginine and Taurine give us the Amino Acids, while the others act as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes. Like it or not, Zipfizz can be said as a decent product which offers a lot of nutrients which are needed by our body. But it is noted that Zipfizz is using the artificial sweeteners.

Nowadays, using artificial sweetener is pretty common, but it will be nice if the product doesn’t use it. On the other way around, we have this newly invented natural product, Ecodrink. Ecodrink’s ingredients are pretty much very nutritious and healthy for our body. Ecodrink ingredients are well divided for its use to contribute to the health system. It can help healthy eyes, strengthen your bones, even enhancing your immune system.


Both products here offer a good way to re-energize your body with power, but the way it performs is really different one another. Even though Zipfizz lacks some scientific proofs, but Zipfizz is a pretty solid product for the energy drink. It has a lot of positive comment said that Zipfizz is really delivering. Zipfizz is also a multifunction product. This energy drink can also be used as the weight loss product. It is because Zipfizz contain no artificial sweetener and this explain why Zipfizz taste can become so terrible.

Unlike Zipfizz, Ecodrink is a pretty solid product. The company that produced it has already plan about every outcome that can happen to this product. When drinking it, you will get five times more potent vitamin and three times more electrolytes than the usual water energy brands. What makes it better is that Ecodrink main ingredients are made naturally, which is good for your health. It is even more amazing that the company has even thought about the reusable, eco-friendly bottle materials as the addition to their product.


A very innovative and amazing product is what we can describe from Ecodrink. When we compared it to Zipfizz, Ecodrink is superior in every factor. Even though Zipfizz itself is not bad at all, but Ecodrink with its natural approach makes it a solid product.

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