Zipfizz vs 5 Hour Energy

Do you need extra strength to start your long day? Do you crave for extra energy or other activities like in sprots, tedious work, and high level of studying then definitely you need Zipfizz or 5 Hour Energy?


Zipfizz is an energy drink in powder form. The ingredients are guarana seed, green tea very rich ingredient, caffeine 100mg, alpha-lipoic acid, green coffee bean extract and grape seed extract. (take a look : Arbonne Fizz Sticks vs Zipfizz )


It is a healthy drink for energy with 10 calories, and no sugar with 25 nutrients that give Energy boost within 15 minutes. It is the best alternative to coffee drinks, Energy drinks, and sport drinks. Also, contain 2 net carbs Zipfizz has a rich composition of 9 vitamins all useful to the body, 8 minerals, 25 nutrients with natural taste, Electrolytes, amino acid and antioxidants which are essential in our body.


Caffeine is form has natural sources of guarana and green tea and no chemicals added, it is sweetened naturally with xylitol and sucralose which are sugar substitutes with low calories and natural teste. The key ingredients in 5 Hour Energy are as well available in our daily foods such as bananas, broccolie, avocados and apple. 4 calories, no sugar, and much caffeine of 207 mg.

5 Hour Energy is characterized by:
Zero herbal stimulants
Zero sugar
Simple, quick and effective
amino acids and B vitamins
4 calories
contain much coffe which is compared to leading premium coffe cups

These drink execellent mix with naturl flavor, no sugar, and increase vitamints low calories and with natural caffein which is recommended for daily intake, however, Zipzizz has high level of calories than 5 Hour Energy drink, for weigh loss 5 Hour Energy can be more effective because of low calories and the increased cafeine for alertness.

Bottom Lines
Zippfizz has a rich composition of nutrients, thatare all-natural and the mix is healty and convenient, with excellent Energy fix through taste, for your daily workout remember to start your daily with a bottle of Zipfizz or 5 Hour Energy.

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