Synedrex vs Phenolox

Synedrex is a dietary supplement available in form of a capsule manufactured by metabolic nutrition and is basically used as an appetite suppressant. It is a thermogenic product that helps in fat loss as well as increase body metabolism. On the other hand, Phenolox refers to a weight loss supplement primarily made to be formulated for clients who so sensitive that they cannot tolerate caffeine. It is also manufactured by the metabolic nutrition company. It is available in capsule form believed to be incredibly low in stimulants unlike other similar supplements. It has within its ingredients enough power to trigger a person’s body metabolic rate and burn fat in effort to aid in weight loss.


These two weight loss supplements have got a number of similarities in that both increase body metabolic rates which in turn lowers the body weight. They are involved in breakdown of stored fats into amino acids. These two products are manufactured by that same company famously known as metabolic nutrition. The mode of action of both Synedrex and Phenolox is by suppressing an individual’s appetite whose effect is definitely decreasing body weight in the long-term use of these supplements. Each of the capsule once taken also gives energy to the body hence preferred to be taken in the morning before one commences daily activities.


Besides the similarities on these two dietary products, there are differences between them as well. Among them is the fact that Synedrex contain ingredients such as caffeine whose impacts features on the side effects whereby it causes insomnia and increased heart rate. On contrary, Phenolox is free of caffeine thus does not cause spleeplessness. However, although it is caffeine free, it is said to contain some ingredient like tea which is a mild stimulant. On very rare cases, Phenolox have the side effects which include burning sensation on the lips, headache and fainting. The adverse effects associated with the use of Synedrex include; increased heart rate, sleeplessness, excessive sweating, jitters and a shaky feeling moments after taking the capsule.


as explained above, the two products have got amazing effects to all those looking for effective supplements to assist in reducing body weight. It is advisable for one to choose the best fit guided by the advantages and the side effects of each. It is always recommended that one choses to take the one whoseheath benefits suppass the side effects. Phenolox is the best choice for those who are intolerant to caffeine while those that can tolerate the stimulant can choose to take either Synedrex or Phenolox. in addition, in the comparison on Synedrex vs Phenolox, Synedrex is seen to have more heath treatening side effects that Phenolox which eventually becomes a better choice tor the potential clients.

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