Spiru Tein vs Herbalife

Are you having a problem with your body weight? If you feel that you are a little bit off form, then you need to start doing some exercise. But doing exercise is somehow painful and time wasting for someone with a lot of activities. So the best way is using the supplement as one of the solutions. Maybe you can lessen your food, but it is too risky and can cause a health problem. Nevertheless, using supplement is not always a nice solution. Because supplement usually has side effects that proved to be problematic. But not all the supplements are harmful. Let me introduce you to the Spiru Tein and Herbalife.

Spiru Tein vs Herbalife

Both items are products made for the weight-loss purpose. Spiru Tein is a well-made product which makes you satisfied your appetite while having a weight loss ability. It is not wrong in all aspects and has a very nice taste. On the other side, we also have Herbalife. Herbalife works as a weight loss products while maintaining your healthiness. It mainly consists of natural and herbal ingredients. These ingredients are the reason why this product works unbelievably well and healthy. So let see more about both products.

The Spiru Tein has a pretty good flavor. Spiru Tein contains what we call bee pollen. It is a great ingredient which provides sweet flavor. You will be pulled to try this every morning. Spiru Tein sweet sensation will satisfy your appetite to its fullest. But you need to be careful if you are having an allergic towards bee pollen. Second to none, we have Herbalife with its natural ingredients. You may say that the taste is not so great because it feels a little watery in your mouth. However, if you compared Herbalife to other supplementary products, it tastes decent and better than the usual supplement. (Have a look : Herbalife Liftoff vs Red Bull)

Spiru Tein

Like many other shakes, Spiru Tein is used for the purpose of keeping off the weight. But the output of Spiru Tein does not end just right there. It has about 20 gram of protein for each serving. Noted that the amount of protein it gives is already half of what an adult needs per day. And from the science point of view, it is proven that Spiru Tein can make you lose weight. All is because Spiru Tein doesn’t come with many calories. Then if you replace your lunch with Spiru Tein every day, you should definitely lose weight. Even though the amount of weight is insignificant, but at least you are making progress every day when you consume this.

Whether you regularly consume this thing is what will determine the output from your effort. On the other side, Herbalife is the more or less is the same like Spiru Tein. But the main ingredient here is fiber. You will lose some weight with the natural resources that it offers. When you consumes Herbalife, you will feel that it is the same weight loss supplement but with the addition of the ability to keep your health good and make you feel refresh. However, some bad notes are there with Herbalife. Herbalife is not having an official scientific proof of how it make you lose weight. It is a little disappointed considering the fact that Herbalife somehow cost us a significant amount of money.


Better to put Spiru Tein to your priority for weight loss supplement. The reason is mainly because Spiru Tein has the scientific proof while Herbalife not. But to get a great result, you need to use Spiru Tein regularly, whereas using Herbalife is a bit quicker and easier. So it is up to you to choose which one you prefer. But we are recommending the Spiru Tein as the right choice.

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