Spiru Tein vs Almased

Are you having some tough exercises to reach the form that you want right now? If you want to get more muscular, you need one of these items. One is Spiru Tein shakes. Spiru Tein is a shakes that come in several different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and fruit punch. All you need to do is simply doing your exercise repeatedly and then consume Spiru Tein everyday. Then you will get a muscular body in no time. Sometimes, though, Spiru Tein is considered as a diet supplement because of its components that contain low-fat ingredients.

Spiru Tein vs Almased

Some people are using it intentionally to lose weight. When talking about weight loss products, we also have Almased synergy diet used as a weight loss supplement. You will lose a few pounds if you use this product regularly. The ingredients of this product are the factors that make this product has a good ability to decrease your weight. But will these products really work? Let’s check it out!

It is a tough job to exchange your meal with shakes. But with some courage and persistence, you will achieve your goal after using shakes as a meal replacement. Spiru-Tein can be used as the meal replacement, but not a very tasty meal. Spiru Tein has already received many complaints for its taste. It has a watery texture and offers no sweetness at all. Not far from Spiru-Tein flavor, Almased also tastes bad. Though, it is still acceptable and works pretty well as a meal replacement. (Have a look : Spiru Tein vs Herbalife)

Spiru Tein

If you want to have a consistent weight loss product, then you can count on Spiru Tein. Spiru Tein is using the simple scientific method. Spiru Tein doesn’t come with many calories. It contains a lot of proteins, about 20 gram for each serving, that is half for what an adult needs per day. That’s why if you replace your lunch with Spiru Tein, you will definitely start to lose some weight. You will have a good diet progress after many months.

Maybe not a drastic one, but it is still good to lose some weight. On the opposite, Almased seems pretty reliable for losing weight. Almased has significant effects and is really suitable for long-term use. What differs Almased from others is the main ingredients that Almased use. Almased use yogurt, honey, and soy flour. Soy flour is rich in protein, yogurt is vital for immunity, and honey is the main energy-giving supplement. These three ingredients are what make Almased works better.


To be fair, both products perform on the same level here. Both products are well-made as weight loss products, but we recommend you to choose Almased here because Almased has a better overall taste than Spiru Tein. Though, if you don’t mind to use some bad flavor, then maybe Spiru Tein can be your choice.
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