Smart Water vs Propel

Have you ever feel the different taste of water? Yes, as you know most people defining the water as a tasteless or plain substance. That’s not wrong but not true too. It is because with nowadays technology you can produce such fine water with the whole different pH and not a tasteless water anymore. And then why do we bother to drink the plain water if we can get the new healthier and tastier water? In this case, we have two products which have been known out there as the whole new consumption water. One is Smart Water, and the other is Propel. Smart Water is a vapor-distilled beverage which the minerals are removed after several purifications. Smart Water is made with such great pH to give people the best and healthy water. On the other hand, there is Propel which is kind of similar to Smart Water. Propel is a flavored water drink that contains electrolytes. While the initial version included sugar, the version available in 2011, Propel Zero, is free of calorie. So you can adjust which one you want to consume as the company has offered such different types for us. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Smart Water vs Propel

The quality of water is usually decided by its pH level as the greater the pH is, the better the water taste. That’s why many companies are racing each other to gain the highest pH if possible. You must also know that the common pH of the tap water is about 6.8 until 7.2. And the alkaline water is usually at the level of 7.5 until 8. In this case, Smart water is 7.7 which is decent. The production of Smart water is using the vapor-distilled process which removes the minerals after several purifications process. In the purification, the company adds contents such as potassium, magnesium chloride, and the electrolytes. On the other side, Propel is also offering you a good water which is best consumed after doing your activities or exercises. Propel can give you the needed electrolytes for your body. It is like re-energize your body with it. Propel will cover the releases of sodium and potassium from your sweat. That’s why after consuming Propel, your body will recover faster than before.

Smart Water

The first thing that surprise many people is about Smart Water. Smart Water is not a good product as it gives a false claim and the ability is pretty much limited to the ordinary water. The taste is not bringing any smile in our face, and the sensation isn’t there. Your body are not recovering faster after consuming Smart Water. On the opposite, Propel is better in performance as it will make you recover faster. Your electrolytes and fluids lost will be covered up by Propel which is why Propel is best for exhausted person. The price is also very affordable, and the bottle can be put into the refrigerator at ease.


So, in this case, Propel is definitely a better water as its performance is proving what it claims. On the other hand, Smart Water’s claim is not enough to bring its water quality which is why you better not believe the product before tasting it yourself. So Propel is a promising product which is very affordable, tasty, and healthy.

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