SkinnyMint vs Skinny Bunny

Herbal blends and detox teas are currently the latest trend for diet and weight loss. Many people have been attracted to the idea of detoxing and losing body weight conveniently just by drinking some tea. Despite many warnings about the risk of consuming bad detox teas that contain too much laxatives, people are still consuming these teas in order to achieve the body weight that they want. Thus, if you are still interested in purchasing some detox tea to aid you in your battle for weight loss, it is incredibly important to carefully select and use the right product.

SkinnyMint vs Skinny Bunny

Here, we have two incredibly popular detox teas. Meet SkinnyMint and Skinny Bunny. The two have become the choices of many people for weight loss. However, there are some notable differences between the two, including the price. But choosing based on the price alone is not wise, right? Therefore, below, we put the two products against each other in order to determine which one is the best for weight loss. Continue reading!

SkinnyMint vs. Skinny Bunny: The Claims

SkinnyMint claims itself as the “teatox”, which stands for tea plus detox. It describes itself as an easy and convenient two-step natural tea detox program. It is available as 14-day and 28-day programs; the 14-day program is suitable for new users who want to try the product first, whereas the 28-day program is suitable for a more serious user. Whichever that you choose, each SkinnyMint program consists of two tea packs that you have to consume. The first is the Morning Boost tea, which is for consumption at breakfast and whenever you have the chance to drink some tea during the day. The second is the Night Cleanse tea, which is directed to be consumed every before bed. SkinnyMint claims to be able to help weight loss with its special blends of natural laxatives and ingredients, thus ensuring a healthier body as well.

On the other hand, even though Skinny Bunny is also classified as a natural blend or detox tea, it is quite considerably different from any other detox tea on the market. This is because it comes with a formula that does not contain laxatives. Skinny Bunny claims to be able to reduce fats in your body, metabolize and burn fat cells, supply antioxidants, and promote skin health, immune system, as well as digestive and dental health. Well, that is quite a diverse list of effects. The system consists of three packs; the Weight Loss tea is to be taken in the day, whereas for the nighttime tea you can choose or cycle between the Detox tea and the Recovery tea depending on your need.


SkinnyMint vs. Skinny Bunny: The Ingredients

The Morning Boost tea of SkinnyMint contains green tea, yerba mate, guarana, grapefruit leaves, nettle leaves, strawberry, pineapple, and dandelion. By seeing those ingredients, we can say that the Morning Boost tea has quite some caffeine. The green tea, yerba mate, and guarana are all rich in caffeine. They are known to increase metabolism and induce weight loss. Meanwhile, dandelion and nettle leaves are strong diuretics; be prepared to go to the bathroom more often. Due to the grapefruit content, you should avoid consuming this tea with a drug. Meanwhile, the Night Cleanse tea is primarily geared for the laxative and diuretic effects, featuring senna leaves, peppermint, ginger root, licorice root, psyllium husk, lemongrass, and hawthorn berries.

Skinny Bunny’s Weight Loss tea is made from the organic Pu-Erh black tea, which is known to reduce glycerol in the body, suppress fatty acid syntheses, and strengthen the teeth against decay due to the fluoride content. The Detox tea features holy basil (which is known as a multi-purpose plant that has very high levels of antioxidants), herbal tea, rose hips, lemon myrtle, linden blossom, chamomile, and spearmint. The main focus of the Detox Tea is actually antioxidants, which can help weight loss due to the effect on metabolism. There is some mild diuretic effect from the linden blossom. Finally, the Recovery tea features chinese oolong tea, chinese green tea, and valerian root. The caffeine content can cause difficulties to sleep, though such side effect is somewhat countered by the valerian root.

SkinnyMint vs. Skinny Bunny: The Taste

The taste of SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost tea is excellent! It is fruity and so refreshing. The taste suits almost any breakfast meal. It is great if you like fruity teas, considering that the mix of fruits used in the tea has quite a strong scent and flavor. You will enjoy drinking it very much, and you may want to take another cup of it some time later in the day. Well, unfortunately, the same positive thing cannot be said about the Night Cleanse tea. It tastes horrible. The taste is like some hot ginger water.

Skinny Bunny

Skinny Bunny’s Weight Loss tea is somewhat surprising, as it comes with some chocolate flavoring. Chocolate-flavored tea may sound strange, and the taste is indeed strange. On the good side, the taste is still tolerable. You just need to get used to it. The Detox tea tastes fruitier and more pleasant due to the mango and passion fruit flavorings. The Recovery tea also has a nice taste, featuring a delicious blend of vanilla, lemon, and orange.

SkinnyMint vs. Skinny Bunny: The Results

SkinnyMint has received quite a lot of positive reviews because it can reduce your weight quickly in just a few days. However, keep in mind that some part of the weight that you cut is actually water weight, which is the total weight of the water that you dispose of due to the diuretic effect. Thus, it is very important to stay hydrated when using this product. Users have also reported reduced bloating and stomach size.

Skinny Bunny may not deliver the weight loss effect as quickly, but it can help you achieve a more permanent effect. It enhances your metabolism, making your body burn down the fat cells and produce energy. You can use the increased energy to workout and exercise, thereby emphasizing on the weight loss aspect. Compared to SkinnyMint, Skinny Bunny has a relatively healthier approach by not causing excessive diuretic or laxative effects.

SkinnyMintSkinny Bunny
- Consists of the Morning Boost tea and the Night Cleanse tea - Consists of Weight Loss tea for day and Detox tea or Recovery tea for night
- The ingredients are mostly diuretics and laxatives- The ingredients emphasize on antioxidants
- May have some side effects including making you go to the bathroom more often- Fewer possible side effects, much milder diuretic/laxative effects


In the end, Skinny Bunny is more recommended because of the healthier formula. However, keep in mind that it will only deliver optimum results if you complement it with regular exercise and workout. If you need something with a more immediate effect, SkinnyMint can be your option.