SkinnyMint vs Fit Tea

With all the bizz and buzz surrounding the diet world, trying to find the right product for weight loss has become increasingly difficult. Many companies are now offering a wide variety of products that are said to be effective to help you achieve weight loss. There are many products supported by actual researches and studies, and some others just simply work. However, there are also some products that are not actually supported by any scientific research or study, yet they claim to be the ultimate breakthroughs. And there are also some that make slippery, somewhat misleading claims.

SkinnyMint vs Fit Tea

One of the latest hot topics in the diet world is detox teas. Detox teas are incredibly popular right now. With many people uploading their pics with the detox teas they use, including artists and celebrities, there’s no need to wonder why. Two of the most popular ones right now are SkinnyMint and Fit Tea. Below, we will see more about what actually detox teas are, as well as the comparisons between SkinnyMint and Fit Tea.

What is a Detox Tea?

There are various detox teas on the market, with SkinnyMint and Fit Tea being some easy examples, but they all generally have the same primary ingredients. They usually include dandelion, yerba mate, and senna. These teas claim to be able to help improve the performance of your liver and kidneys in removing harmful substances from your body so that you can achieve your weight-loss related goals.

Due to the natural laxatives and diuretics in their ingredients, detox teas usually cause an increased frequency of how often you go to the bathroom. However, is it really fat that you are losing? Not really. The natural laxatives and diuretics simply flush down your system, cleanse the digestion tract, and throw everything out. If you have just eaten a considerable meal with lots of fats, that’s it – you are disposing those fats away. However, in most cases, you are mostly disposing just your water weight. Hence, a detox tea can actually reduce your weight, but you will regain most of the weight once you rehydrate.


Note that detox teas and green teas are not always the same. While detox teas are those that use natural laxatives and diuretics, green teas are made from pure tea leaves and have been scientifically proven to induce weight loss.

SkinnyMint vs. Fit Tea: The Products

If you are still interested in using a detox tea, you can try to use either SkinnyMint or Fit Tea. Even though such detox teas are said to only reduce your water weight, you can still benefit from the laxatives and diuretics. For example, to flush down your system after a guilty meal.

Each of the two products offers a 28-day detox package. They each claim to be able to detox and cleanse your body within the 28-day duration. However, SkinnyMint’s package consists of two parts that you need to consume according to the time of the day. It consists of the Morning Boost tea and the Night Cleanse tea. On the other hand, Fit Tea only features a single pack to be consumed for both day and night.

Fit Tea

Obviously, the one-pack package of Fit Tea is much more convenient. There is no need to think about which pack to choose, and there is no way to choose the wrong pack accidentally. However, if you don’t mind having to use two packs for different times of the day, SkinnyMint is still viable. You may think that the specialized packs allow for more specific and direct effects on your body, and we are going to see below that the two packs indeed have different ingredients, but there is no real scientific proof yet on how effective the different packs are.

SkinnyMint vs. Fit Tea: The Ingredients

SkinnyMint consists of the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse packs. The Morning Boost pack is made of five ‘super’ ingredients, which are green tea, yerba mate, dandelion, nettle leaves, and guarana fruit. Meanwhile, the Night Cleanse pack is made of eight ‘super’ ingredients, which are senna leaves, lemon grass, orange leaves, ginger root, peppermint, hawthorn berries, licorice root, and psyllium husk. The fact that SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost pack incorporates the green tea is a good thing. At least, there is an ingredient that has already been scientifically proven to induce weight loss, though the green tea is not present in the Night Cleanse pack. The other ingredients are mostly laxatives and diuretics. We also would like to note that the ingredients are all natural, which is also a good thing.

On the other hand, Fit Tea’s ingredients include the leaves of sencha green tree, rooibos, oolong, and matcha green tea; garcinia cambogia extract, pomegranate, stevia, guarana, citric acid, lemon juice, honey, ginger, and sea salt. As you can see, Fit Tea also contains the green tea.

SkinnyMint vs. Fit Tea: The Taste

The taste of Fit Tea is simply superior to SkinnyMint. If we take a look again at the ingredient list, we can see why. Fit Tea features some good-tasting ingredients, such as stevia, lemon, and honey. These ingredients are healthy and help to enhance the taste to be much more pleasant and enjoyable. Meanwhile, if you choose SkinnyMint, you will need some extra effort to get used to the strange taste.

SkinnyMint vs. Fit Tea: The Results

There are many people who say that SkinnyMint is more effective than Fit Tea. However, this is mostly due to the higher contents of laxatives and diuretics. SkinnyMint contains more laxatives and diuretics that cause you to lose more water weight. Such weight loss is just temporary and is not healthy. You can regain the shredded weight after you rehydrate. Meanwhile, Fit Tea seems to deliver the results more slowly, but the weight loss effects seem to be more reliable.

SkinnyMintFit Tea
- Consists of two packs: Morning Boost and Night Cleanse - Comes with just a single pack
- Laxatives and diuretics, such as senna leaves, dandelion, and yerba mate- Matcha green tea leaves, garcinia cambogia extracts
- Strange taste- Better, more pleasant taste
- More immediate weight loss, but usually temporary- Gradual weight loss, but more reliable


SkinnyMint and Fit Tea are both detox teas that claim to be able to reduce your weight within 28 days. SkinnyMint consists of two packs that should be consumed at different times of the day, and contains more laxatives and diuretics. Thus, SkinnyMint can deliver more immediate weight-loss results, but these results are temporary. Fit Tea comes with just a single pack. It generally tastes better. The ingredients seem to focus more on weight-loss inducing factors. The results are not immediate, but more reliable.