SkinnyMint vs Bootea

If you are quite an up-to-date person, you would have known about the latest craze in the diet world. Yes, detox teas a.k.a. teatox’s are the latest trend for diet and weight loss. There are many new brands and companies coming up with each own detox tea, each product claiming to be effective and reliable. You may have also noticed that in the recent few months people are all talking about detox teas on various social media. What do you think about the tea that can make you lose weight? You are certainly curious about whether they are actually great or not. In this article, we are going to discuss about the comparisons between two heavily popular detox teas, which are SkinnyMint and Bootea. They both are available as 14-day and 28-day programs. So, do they actually work? Which one of them is actually the most effective and reliable for weight loss? Find out below.

SkinnyMint vs Bootea

SkinnyMint vs. Bootea: What Do They Have?

When choosing for something that we are about to drink or eat, it is incredibly important to get to know first about what ingredients that the product contains. This way, you can evaluate first whether the product actually has a chance to be effective or not. And it becomes even more important if you have an allergy to a certain ingredient. Checking the ingredient list can save you from unnecessary pain and expense. (See also: SkinnyMint vs Skinny Bunny)

Both SkinnyMint and Bootea divides their products into two packs. SkinnyMint comes up with the Morning Boost tea, which is meant to be consumed at daytime, and the Night Cleanse tea, which is meant to be consumed at nighttime. The Morning Boost tea contains green tea, dandelion, nettle leaves, and yerba matte. Meanwhile, the Night Cleanse tea features senna leaves, licorice root, orange leaves, lemon grass, and ginger root. The green tea is a good ingredient; it has been scientifically proven to help in enhancing metabolism and inducing weight loss. Meanwhile, the senna leaves are quite a popular ingredient for detox.

Bootea’s morning pack contains quite a blend of ingredients, which include chinese oolong tea, nettle leaves, gotu kola leaves, mate leaves, lemon grass, dandelion leaves, fennel seeds, ginseng root, and ginger root. Meanwhile, the nighttime pack also features senna leaves, in addition to peppermint, licorice root, burdock root, hawthorn, psyllium seeds, fenugreek seeds, and valerian.


As you can see, there are several similar ingredients. The senna leaves are used in the night packs of both products. However, Bootea’s morning pack uses chinese oolong tea instead of green tea. Well, oolong tea can have higher caffeine content than green tea, which means that the metabolism enhancing effect can be a little bit stronger.

SkinnyMint vs. Bootea: How Do We Use Them?

They are used in exactly the same way. For both the morning tea and the night tea, you have to put the tea bag in a mug and pour nearly boiling water into it. Leave it to infuse for about three minutes before you drink it. The morning tea is recommended to be used with your breakfast, as well as whenever you have the chance to drink some tea during the day. Meanwhile, the night tea should be taken every night before you go to sleep as long as the duration of your program. Note that the night tea will induce a laxative effect. That is exactly the way of the tea to cleanse your body, so there is no need to worry so much if the laxative effect occurs.

SkinnyMint vs. Bootea: How Do They Taste?

If you are already used to drinking fruit teas, you would love the taste of either tea here. However, if you prefer the standard English breakfast tea, you may need some time to get used to your detox tea. SkinnyMint’s Morning Boost tea has some orange and lemon flavorings. Thus, it is very fruity and refreshing. You will enjoy drinking it very much. It can suit most breakfast meals. However, the Night Cleanse tea is, well, awful. It simply tastes like some hot ginger water. Good if you like the taste of ginger.


Meanwhile, Bootea’s morning tea also comes with some lemony citrus taste. However, the flavoring is not as intense as SkinnyMint’s. Thus, it is not as fruity. But it still is refreshing and enjoyable. The night tea tastes more acceptable than SkinnyMint. It somehow tastes similar to the morning tea, except that it has some strong peppermint. It is much more drinkable, though not enough to call it ‘nice’. People who hate the taste of ginger and thus can hardly drink SkinnyMint’s night tea may prefer this Bootea’s night tea more.

SkinnyMint vs. Bootea: How Effective Are They?

Both SkinnyMint’s and Bootea’s morning teas are great and effective. They are indeed effective to make you feel more awake throughout the day. They both enhance your energy levels, allowing you to workout and exercise more effectively. They can also help you concentrate better. However, SkinnyMint’s night tea seems to be more effective than Bootea’s, despite the vile taste. The night tea of SkinnyMint helps in reducing bloating as well as keeping the stomach flat. Bootea’s night tea does not seem to reduce bloating or stomach size. Nevertheless, both SkinnyMint and Bootea have proven themselves to be able to cut down the body weight. After just a few days, you can see the positive results. They indeed help in weight loss. However, the optimum results can only be achieved if you complement your detox tea with an ideal diet and regular exercise. This way, you will be able to achieve your desired weight more quickly and more healthily.

- The morning tea is fruitier and refreshing - The morning tea is less fruity but still refreshing
- The night tea tastes awful like hot ginger water- The night tea is much better with strong peppermint taste
- The morning tea boosts your wakefulness and energy- The morning tea boosts your wakefulness and energy


So, SkinnyMint or Bootea? In general, SkinnyMint is more recommended because of two reasons. First, the morning tea tastes fruitier, which is nice. Second, the night tea, despite the terrible taste, has more effects, which include reduced bloating and stomach size. However, Bootea can be your choice if you prefer a more drinkable night tea.