Shakeology Vs Vega One

In order to cut down a few pounds from their body weight, many people have tried to consume various weight-loss products and supplements. And the latest craze in the diet world is protein shakes. Of course, you have to limit your calorie intake if you want to lose some pounds. Protein shakes like Shakeology vs Vega One are designed precisely for that – to limit your calorie intake. By reducing your appetite and fulfilling your body’s nutritional needs with low-calorie ingredients, a protein shake can be your best friend in the battle for weight loss.

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Both Shakeology and Vega One are among the most popular protein shakes on the market right now. Frankly, these are the top tiers of the competition. They are rather pricey. But spending more money is fine as long as you get what is worth, right? Therefore, let’s now see the comparisons between Shakeology and Vega One to see which one gives the best value for the money!


Although both Shakeology and Vega One are considered as premium products, there is still some price difference between the two. After all, many people shy away from Shakeology due to the considerably expensive price tag – we have discussed about that in Shakeology vs Juice Plus. Shakeology may cost about $4 per serving. On the other hand, Vega One is still quite more affordable and budget-friendly, with an average cost of $2.65 per serving.

The Claims

Now, before we delve further, let’s see what claims that Shakeology vs Vega One offer. Do they really say that they are able to help you lose weight? If they don’t clearly say so, don’t put your hopes too high. If a product is effective, it will be confident to put that as a highlighted feature.

Shakeology does not consider itself as a meal replacement shake or protein shake. Instead, it is a versatile health shake. It indeed contains protein and fiber, but it is also enriched with other ingredients. Shakeology claims to be able to reduce hunger and food cravings by supplying proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. It also claims to be able to help detoxify the body, protecting the body from free radicals that may cause degenerative diseases. Finally, it claims to be able to aid digestion, promote regularity, increase energy, and combat stress.

On the other hand, Vega One considers itself as an all-in-one nutritional shake with various benefits. It claims to be able to cover your nutritional needs for optimal health, provide energy, aid metabolism, develop healthy bones, teeth, skin, and eyes, and promote healthy intestinal flora and the immune system.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values

Both Shakeology and Vega One are enriched by various ingredients, so stating them all would be impractical. However, there are some similarities.

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Both contain protein ingredients; Shakeology uses pea, sachainchi, hemp seed, and brown rice, whereas Vega One uses pea, sachaichi, brown rice, amaranth, flax, and quinoa. Both also have green fiber, antioxidant, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme blends. Shakeology is further enhanced with various “super foods”, whereas Vega One has the Omega 3 blend and simply lists the vitamins and minerals.

When choosing between Shakeology vs Vega One, you generally want to avoid too much calories, carbs, and sugars. You also need to avoid too much sodium because too much sodium is bad for both weight loss and overall health. You should instead focus on protein as the main energy source. Fiber is also important because it can make you feel full for a longer time.

Each serving of Shakeology contains about 160 calories, less than 1 grams of fat, 19 grams of carbs, 6 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fiber, 16 grams of protein, and 95 mg of sodium. The numbers are pretty good. It is very nice that Shakeology has decent amounts of protein and fiber, ensuring solid appetite blocking performance.

On the other hand, each serving of Vega One provides about 141 calories, 3 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbs, 3 grams of sugar, 6 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of protein. The sodium level is 135 mg. The numbers are also very good. Actually, the numbers are even lower on the correct places. Unfortunately, the sodium content is quite high.


So, are Shakeology and Vega One really effective? According to various user reviews, Shakeology seems to be able to fill the stomach more than Vega One and for a longer time. Of course, that’s because of the nice combination of protein and fiber, but this is not the only reason. The texture of Shakeology indeed helps a little in making you feel full, but we should also note that Shakeology is enriched with “super foods” for vitamins and minerals. One of the causes for food cravings is insufficient vitamin or mineral intake – Shakeology is aware of the issue, so it comes with vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body will not experience cravings.

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Vega One also fills the stomach. However, it is not as effective as Shakeology. It leaves you getting hungry again sooner.


Now, let’s see the flavors of Shakeology vs Vega One. One important factor to consider when choosing a protein shake is the flavor. It should taste great, if you want to drink it with joy rather than torture. Additionally, you may want to have multiple flavor choices to avoid getting bored in the long run.

In general, Shakeology tastes great. There are five flavor choices for the regular version. The best flavors are vanilla and chocolate. You should also try the café latte and greenberry flavors, they are unique and nice. The least favorite flavor is strawberry. Some consumers say that Shakeology is a little bit difficult to mix; you need to use a blender or at least the shaker bottle to mix it properly.

Vega One also tastes great, and it mixes well. Interestingly, Vega One provides various innovative flavor choices. There are chocolate, berry, mocha, French vanilla, coconut almond, vanilla chai, natural, and unsweetened natural.


Both are great products, and you get what you pay for. Shakeology is more expensive, but it is more effective as an appetite blocker. It can ease your cravings and struggles more. In general, Shakeology is preferred. However, Vega One is also a great alternative that you can consider if you really want to limit your expense. This shake has great flavors.