Shakeology vs Arbonne

Shakeology is an extremely popular product in the market. That is why in the last few articles, we discussed about the comparisons between Shakeology and its competitors. We want to see whether Shakeology really lives up to the expectations and whether it is really worth the money. Below, we are going to discuss about the comparisons between Shakeology vs Arbonne.

Shakeology vs Arbonne 1

Like Shakeology, Arbonne is a protein shake that can help with your appetite control. However, unlike Shakeology, Arbonne is available at a significantly more affordable price point. Here, we are going to see the comparisons between Shakeology vs Arbonne in terms of nutritional values, effectiveness, flavors, and prices. Continue reading!

How Protein Shakes Work

Before we proceed further, you are probably still not sure why protein shakes are popular for weight loss. Protein shakes are usually designed to contain low calorie levels and high protein amounts. In other words, most of the calories come from the protein content. This is a great formula for weight loss because protein takes longer to be digested and processed by the body than sugar. Hence, your body will feel full and satiated for a longer time.

These shakes for weight loss also contain dietary fibers, which also help to make you feel full faster and longer. By not getting hungry all the time, you can stop eating snacks more easily and cut down your daily calorie intake. If you are looking for a meal replacement shake, take a look at Shakeology vs Isagenix.


When you want to compare any two products to each other, in this case Shakeology vs Arbonne, probably one of the very first things that you compare is the prices. Indeed, for many people, the price is one of the most deciding factors, but we should not base our decision on the price alone.

Both Shakeology and Arbonne can give you about 30 servings per container. However, Shakeology comes with a significantly more expensive price tag than Arbonne. The price of Shakeology is nearly as much as twice Arbonne’s price. With such price gap, it is not surprising that some people want to find a more budget-friendly alternative. Whether the expensive product is really worth the money is to be answered below.


When choosing a shake for weight loss, you may want to choose something with lots of flavor choices. Why? Well, one of the reasons why some people stop their diet programs is because they get extremely bored drinking the same shake over and over again. Get something with multiple flavor choices so that you will be able to change and swap flavors to avoid getting bored.

Shakeology vs Arbonne 2

Shakeology wins this aspect because it comes with more varied flavor choices. The standard version is available in five flavors, which are café latte, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and greenberry. You see, the café latte and greenberry flavors are unique; not many protein shakes come with flavors other than chocolate and vanilla. There is also the vegan version, which has two flavor choices of chocolate and tropical strawberry.

Arbonne’s flavor choices are quite limited. After some time searching, you probably have found that Arbonne’s protein shake is only available in either vanilla or chocolate. Not so good.

Nutritional Values

Now, we are going to see the comparison of nutritional values between Shakeology vs Arbonne. A good protein shake for weight loss should contain low calorie, sugar, fat, and sodium levels. It should also be high in protein and dietary fiber in order to be an effective appetite blocker.

Each serving of Shakeology can provide approximately 160 calories, 9 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fat, 150 mg of sodium. It also comes with about 17 grams of protein and 6 grams of dietary fiber. These numbers are pretty good. The calorie level is quite low. Although the sugar and sodium contents are somewhat high, Shakeology is armed with decent protein and fiber levels to fill your stomach and block cravings.

Interestingly, a serving of Arbonne also provides about 160 calories. It also contains 9 grams of sugar, 3.5 grams of fat, and 480 mg of sodium. It has about 20 grams of protein and, unfortunately, only 2 grams of dietary fiber. Arbonne also boasts what it calls as the “Inner G-Plex”, a blend of several ingredients (Coenzyme Q10, Kelp powder, Alfalfa leaf powder, and Ginseng root power) that aims to give you a boost of energy.

Vegan, GMO, and Gluten Free Concerns

Shakeology provides vegan options. It also does not use any GMO or gluten ingredients. However, it is not certified to be GMO-free and gluten-free.

Shakeology vs Arbonne 3

On the other hand, Arbonne is certified to be vegan and gluten-free. But it is not certified to be GMO-free.


Shakeology considers itself neither as a meal replacement shake nor a protein shake, although technically you can consider it as a protein shake. It is quite versatile because you can consume it prior to eating your meal in order to make you feel fuller and eat fewer portions, or as a snack. You can drink up to two servings per day.

Shakeology is quite effective. It can make you feel quite full after drinking it, thus effectively reducing your hunger prior to eating your real meal. It is also a decent weight-loss snack; it can stop you from getting hungry in-between meals so that you don’t snack other foods unnecessarily.

On the other hand, Arbonne’s high fat and sodium levels are bad. Although it has a higher level of protein, which is an excellent source of energy for diet, it has a significantly lower amount of dietary fiber. And it has the Inner G-Plex blend. Therefore, we can conclude that Arbonne focuses more on providing more energy, but it won’t be as effective for blocking your appetite. If you are used to eating big portions of foods, you probably will still experience hunger after drinking Arbonne. Still, this is a viable option if you think you need an extra kick of energy for work.


In general, Shakeology makes an excellent protein shake that can help you curb your appetite. It has good effectiveness in reducing your cravings, as it can make you feel pretty full. Arbonne, on the other hand, can give more energy boost, but is less effective for blocking appetite.