Scivation Xtend vs Optimum Bcaa

When choosing amino acid supplements, there are a lot on the market right now and it can be confusing. With so many to choose from, it wouldn’t be possible to list and compare them all here. Instead,we will focus on just two. So, Scivation Xtend vs Optimum Bcaa -which is the best, and why should you choose one over the other?


One of the first things that many people first look at, when choosing their supplements, is cost. This is especially true of people that are serious about their training, their ‘look’ and what goes into their bodies. Supplements can end up being a costly affair, if only because they are taken quite frequently. Xtend has the edge in this regard, with prices starting at just a couple of dollars – right up to $50+. Optimum Bcaa prices,however, start in the double figures and go on from there.


They both do they job that they are advertised as doing, so there isn’t lot to separate them on that front – nothing that will really make a difference, anyhow. Clearly this is not a contest that will be won by virtue of performance. With price differences taken into account, there are other factors to consider. As with Xtend, Optimum comes in both powder and capsule form, but there is no ‘ready to drink’ option as there is with Xtend – so, Xtend gets the edge here too in terms of convenience. Both come in a range of flavors and that one is purely subjective; you may love mango but hate raspberry, for instance. Neither can claim points over the other for flavor, but at least there is choice.


So, Scivation Xtend vs Optimum Bcaa – which one gets it? In terms of performance and ‘getting the job done’ they are both going to get you there, the real question is “which will get me there in the way that I want it to?”. There is more choice in the Xtend range, in terms of ready drinks, powders and capsules and the price is about right too depending on the option you go for. For choice alone, Scivation Xtend just steals it. Sorry Optimum.

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