Scivation Xtend vs Modern BCAA

I have been a health enthusiast for the longest time now and yet I have never paid that much attention to BCAA’s before until recently. To understand their importance means to see why Scivation Xtend is a good product to consider if your aim is to gain more strength. My personal research on supplements, especially Scivation Xtend vs Modern BCAA, had me realize a few things about it and how it fares to other commercially produced BCAA supplements like MyProtein BCAA.


There is a wide range of available health supplements in the market today but Scivation’s Xtend is the only one so far that can provide you with generous amounts of BCAA. It comes with 3.5 grams of leucine, isoleucine at 1.8 grams and valine versus 2 grams leucine of MyProtein BCAA and 1 gram each for isoleucine and valine. Follow 2:1:1 ratio for optimal results. (Have a look : Scivation Xtend vs Amino X)


Additionally, Xtend comes with moderate amounts of citrulline malate and glutamate. I don’t know much anything about citrulline malate but as far as I am concerned they can help enhance your body’s overall physical performance and endurance. Scivation Xtend is for general consumption of adults wanting greater endurance whereas MyProtein BCAA is best recommend for athletic type of people.


At one point, I experimented on Scivation Xtend and took chances on taking it just before retiring for bed at night. In my observation, I noticed that during those nights I am able to get a more relaxing and restful sleep which can be attributed to its glutamine content. MyProtein though may not provide the same impact as it is known to enhance more of your vigour than promote restful sleep.

Personally, I would say that the contention between Scivation Xtend vs Modern BCAA can now be put to rest. I have seen that Scivation Xtend is a premier BCAA supplement with regard to quality and amounts of nutrient serving.

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