Quinoa vs Brown Rice

Rice has many types and kinds, depending on the shape, the scent, and color of each type, which make every rice; how to cook it. In addition, each type also contain nutrients and flavor. So, what kind? This time we will discuss while comparing 2 of variant types of rice. They are Quinoa vs Brown Ice and the article is on the following below.

Quinoa vs Brown Rice 1

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) or also called by the name keenwa is a kind of grain originating from the Andean region (Andes), South America. Quinoa has been known and used as a staple food by Indian society for a long time. Quinoa has higher levels of nutrients, including carbohydrates, vegetable protein, amino acids, omega 3 fish oil equivalent, as well as fiber. Quinoa also has beneficial phytonutrients substance as an anti-inflammatory and prevent disease to enter into the body. Quinoa grains such as oats are different from, wheat or barley that contain gluten. Quinoa gluten-free and safely consumed for someone with allergies or intolerance to gluten have. The durability of the body will constantly good and to avoid the risk of inflammation when eating quinoa. As a substitute for rice, quinoa has a lower carbohydrate content of rice, with higher protein. With a high protein content, quinoa will be very beneficial in the growth, formation and growth of bones, muscles, skin, build and strengthen and improve the body’s cells, as well as in the formation of the immune system. Quinoa is very suitable for diabetics and for diet because in digestion, carbohydrate content of quinoa release slowly into the body.

Quinoa vs Brown Rice 2

Brown Rice
Brown rice is rice that is only removed the husks, but not polished rice becomes white. Brown rice and white rice have calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat are the same. The difference is simply the process of with rice milling with polishes, coating aleuron rice will be gone. Along with the loss of the outermost layer of the rice is missing some vitamins B1, B3, and iron. Brown Rice also contains fatty acids and fiber food higher than white rice. Brown rice that still contains the bran, contains also the bran oil which he said may be able to lower LDL Cholesterol. There are several organic Brown rice privileges than regular white rice. Organic Brown rice is rice broke the skin of Menthik Fragrant varieties of milk. Aleuron layer of the epidermis and on brown rice. Brown Rice benefits this is a brown rice Glycemic levels are not as high as the regular white rice. If ordinary white rice Glycemic levels ranged from 89, then brown rice is only 55. This makes the brown rice is the right choice of diabetics. Benefits of organic Brown Rice is rice broke the skin, not the rice polishing. Disposal of the parts of the outer skin made of brown rice is classified as whole grains (whole grain). Types of carbohydrates in whole-grains is a complex carbohydrate. So, taking Brown rice make you full for longer.

Quinoa vs Brown Rice 3

If you want to find the healthier rice or main food to be consumed among Quinoa vs Brown Rice, there are some reasons why we choose Quinoa as a winner. First, from the protein, Quinoa is famous for its protein power which has 3 gram more than brown rice and will also give you a much more generous dose of fiber. However, on the fat, Their fat content is low, but Quinoa has double that of brown rice.