Psyllium vs Metamucil

Not few people struggle to achieve their desired weight loss results. Telling you the truth, the key for any battle for weight loss is not some ‘magical’ pills or protein shakes. Instead, you have to make a deficit between your calorie intake and the amount of energy you burn, while still getting enough so that you don’t hurt yourself, and at the same time finding a way to burn down the fats that have been accumulated in your body. In other words, control your diet and exercise! Nevertheless, although the supplements aren’t the primary means for weight loss, these supplements can aid and help you to some degree. Below, we are going to see the comparisons between Psyllium vs Metamucil.

Psyllium vs Metamucil 1

With so many different weight loss supplements and drugs available in the market, you are probably confused and feel quite overwhelmed in trying to figure out the differences between them. Don’t worry; you can find what you are looking for here. Both Psyllium and Metamucil are popular weight loss supplements. But, what are they exactly? Are they really effective? Are they safe? Which is the better product? We are going to answer these questions one by one below. So, continue reading!

What is Psyllium?

Before we proceed to see the comparisons between Psyllium vs Metamucil, we first should understand what they are exactly. Thereby, we can have a better idea about how these weight loss supplements work.

Psyllium is actually the common name used to refer to any of the members of the plant genus Plantago. People cultivate these plants commercially in order to harvest the husks and seeds. Psyllium has various uses and benefits. It is primarily used as a dietary fiber that can relieve the symptoms of constipation, mild diarrhea, gastritis, and stomach ulcers. Recently, researchers have also found that it can reduce blood cholesterol levels. Outside the medicinal world, it is also utilized as a food thickener and for making glue.

Psyllium vs Metamucil 2

In the market, Psyllium does not refer to any particular brand. Instead, you can find it under various brand names, such as Konsyl, Fybogel, Lunelax, and of course Metamucil.

What is Metamucil?

On the other hand, Metamucil is a brand of fiber supplements. Metamucil has been marketed as a daily fiber supplement. It is meant to be taken daily with a particular dose, in-between or with meals. The core of Metamucil is none other than psyllium husk that has been powdered, but it also comes with some other ingredients.

Metamucil has been around since as early as 1934. Today, you can find Metamucil’s products sold in both local and online stores. It claims to be able to provide several benefits, which are maintaining your gastrointestinal health, lowering cholesterol levels, maintaining regularity, and prolonging satiety. As you can see, on paper, the benefits that Metamucil offers are those that come from the Psyllium ingredient.

Which is The More Effective Product?

When asking which one between Psylliumvs Metamucil that is more effective for weight loss, we need to understand how the dietary fiber works and what other ingredients are used in the supplements. The psyllium fiber can help you lose weight through at least two ways.

First, when consumed with water, the psyllium fiber will absorb the water and create a gel-like substance in the digestive tract. This gel-like substance fills the digestive tract and moves slowly through, hence making you feel full for a longer time. You will not get hungry as soon as usual. Second, the gel-like substance can also absorb some fats from the foods you eat, hence reducing the amount of fat (and cholesterol) that your body absorbs. Both of these two mechanisms are true for Psyllium supplements and Metamucil.

However, Metamucil is different from some other Psyllium supplements firstly because its psyllium content is powdered. Metamucil is more concentrated, and it can absorb water more effectively. As the effect, it becomes easier to consume. Secondly, Metamucil comes with some vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. It further prevents cravings that can be caused by insufficient levels of vitamins and minerals.

How do They Taste?

Compared to a regular Psyllium supplement, Metamucil is not necessarily more effective for weight loss. It works in pretty much the same ways. However, the positive reviews for Metamucil mainly go for the better taste and texture.

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The problem with a regular Psyllium supplement is that it is often very difficult to mix with water or other liquid. It does not mix well, and often creates clumps that are difficult to drink. It may also taste horrible.

Metamucil solves the problems to some degree. Thanks to the powdered psyllium, it can mix relatively better with water, liquids, and foods.Hence, it becomes easier to consume. Nevertheless, it is often criticized for not being flavorful, but this is actually a good thing if you want to mix it with a food or beverage to avoid altering the taste.

Is There Any Side Effect?

One thing to remember when you are just about to start consuming a dietary fiber supplement is that you should be careful in increasing your fiber intake. This is especially true if you rarely consumed fiber. A sudden increase in your fiber intake may cause stomach discomfort. So, increase the dose to the recommended level gradually over the course of several days so that your body can adapt – and this is an excellent time to start including some fiber in your daily diet!

You should take these supplements with enough water, at least a full glass of water. It is to prevent the fiber from swelling in the throat and causing choking.

Gas and stomach cramping may occur. Allergic reactions to psyllium are rare, but possible. You should seek medical attention if you develop a rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or difficulty to breathe after consuming a psyllium supplement.


In choosing between Psylliumvs Metamucil, Metamucil is a very good option if you find the regular Psyllium supplements difficult to consume. Metamucil’s core ingredient is also psyllium, but powdered. As the effect, it is easier to mix with water and easier to drink.