PhenELITE vs Phen375

PhenELITE and Phen375 are both considerably pricey diet pills available on the market. Both of them claim to be among the most advanced and sophisticated weight-loss supplement products on the market. Both of them also claim that each product is supported by scientific proof and research regarding their effectiveness. So, do they really work? And, if so, which is the one between them that is more effective? Read on to find out.

PhenELITE vs Phen375

PhenELITE is a diet pill that claims to be the highest-rated pharmaceutical-grade weight-loss diet pill on te market. It says that it is able to deliver extreme weight loss and appetite suppression. But talking is easy, isn’t? As every product can boast everything, we need to take a look at the ingredients to determine if the product can actually work. PhenELITE features a number of ingredients that are widely believed to be able to provide weight-loss effects. Among these ingredients are caffeine anhydrous, raspberry ketone, green tea extract, and African mango extract. (Read also: PhenELITE vs Phentermine)


Though per serving is defined to contain about 1,200 mg of the proprietary blend, the manufacturer does not specify how much the amount of each ingredient. Nevertheless, caffeine is indeed a proven element that can significantly increase the thermogenesis rate of the body, making your body breaks down more stored fats into energy. Meanwhile, acidic elements like the green tea extract and African mango extract are believed to be able to reduce the amount of fat that the body can absorb from the consumed food.

Phen375, on the other hand, also features pretty much similar components. It lists the following materials as its primary ingredients: green coffee bean extract (50% chlorogenic acid), green tea extract (tea polyphenol 50%), Garcinia cambogia (50% HCA), glucomannan, raspberry ketone, African mango, grapefruit extract, apple cider vinegar extract, and acai berry extract. As you can see, there are some similarities and some differences.


Phen375 uses the green coffee bean extract as the source of caffeine, besides as the source of some chlorogenic acid as well. Unfortunately, the manufacturer also does not specify how much the amount of these ingredients in each serving either.

Even though PhenELITE and Phen375 seem to be very similar to each other, we recommend you to choose PhenELITE, because it provides a more detailed list of ingredients. In addition, it also has more positive reviews from its users compared to Phen375.

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