Pedialyte vs Nuun

Pedialyte and Nuun are electrolyte drinks. These drinks are designed to hydrate your body and restore the lost electrolytes after a heavy physical activity. So, which one is better? Below, you can read further about the comparisons between Pedialyte vs Nuun to determine the best electrolyte drink that can help you lose weight.

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First of all, let’s compare the ingredients in Pedialyte and Nuun. Pedialyte has been heavily advertised as a healthy drink for athletes and kids experiencing diarrhea and vomiting. This is because of Pedialyte can provide electrolytes and carbohydrates for the body. See also: Nuun Active vs Nuun Energy.

However, if we take a look at the ingredient label, we can find some questionable ingredients. Pedialyte does contain good ingredients, such as salt, potassium, and zinc. These minerals can maintain the fluid balance in the body. But Pedialyte also contains dextrose, fructose, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and food color dyes. Dextrose and fructose are carbohydrates that add calories. Pedialyte does not contain magnesium and calcium.

On the other hand, Nuun is designed to provide optimal hydration. It provides the essential electrolytes that are needed by the body to keep a good fluid balance and perform normal muscle functions. Nuun contains 360 mg sodium, 100 mg potassium, 25 mg magnesium, and 13 mg calcium. The sodium level is quite high, but this is actually important if you have just conducted an intense physical activity. Nuun also has vitamin C and only 1 gram of sugar.

Effects and Benefits
Pedialyte is pretty good for restoring hydration, electrolytes, and energy. The carbohydrates are good if you need a quick supply of energy after a particularly tiring exercise. The dextrose and fructose can be quickly absorbed by the body. The salt, potassium, and zinc can refresh the body and help you recover quicker.

Nuun is especially helpful for hydration. The electrolytes are important for the body. Sodium is useful for maintaining fluid balance, potassium is to prevent muscle cramps, magnesium is to relax muscles, and calcium is for normal muscle functions. Vitamin C can refresh your body and strengthen the immune system. Nuun provides very little calories, so it is not for energy boost.

The problem with Pedialyte is that it contains considerable calories. If you haven’t exercised hard enough and burn significant calories, Pedialyte may make you gain weight instead of losing some. The carbohydrates will give calories to the body, hence reducing the weight loss benefit of your workout.

On the other hand, Nuun has very low calories. It only has 10 calories per serving. So, this drink can help to restore your electrolytes without making you gain weight.

Pedialyte vs Nuun

- Contains dextrose, fructose, artificial sweeteners, flavors, dyes- Contains a small amount of dextrose and vitamin C
- Provides sodium, potassium, and zinc- Provides sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium
- Has higher calories- Has very low calories
- May cause weight gain- Unlikely to cause weight gain

Between these two drinks, Nuun is more recommended. Nuun has very low sugar and calories, so it is unlikely to cause weight gain. It can help to hydrate your body and restore the lost electrolytes after a heavy physical activity.