Paleo vs Atkins

Millions people in the world want to have an ideal weight in order to support their appearance and their confidence. Of course, they are doing diet to reach the aims. If in the past diet is only known and done by woman, nowadays man are also doing this kind of activity because, some of them begin to care about their body and they do not want to look fat or weak especially in case of they are also doing gym in daily, the gym will work if provide by healthy meals. In this article, there are 2 ways of having diet program by changing your meals replacement’s concept. We have Paleo and the competitor Atkins. These two diets appear quite similar at first glance but after further research I discovered that they are actually quiet different.

Paleo vs Atkins

Paleo Diet
Growing successfully in 1970s, Paleo was first introduced by Walter L. Voegtlin but, picked up a lot of steam in 2014. The paleo diet is strict in eliminating all chemicals and altered substances. Paleo encourages organic vegetables, fruit, and also saturated fat like coconut butter and grass fed butter, it emphasizes vegetable oils too like canola, grapeseed, soybean, and sunflower. So, what does not allow by Paleo? Gluten should be removed at all costs and whole grains typically limited as well so that, Paleo does not allow grains, legumes, bread, Refined sugars, Salt, and Refined oils (soy, cottonseed, corn, safflower). People who choose Paleo diet will stick to long term. The reason is the slight differences mentioned above about Paleo’s rule in list of foods. (See also: Paleo vs Vegan)


Atkins Diet
The Atkins diet is a program eliminates the weight through the consumption of foods low in carbohydrates are the most heavily marketed and, automatically, the most famous. This diet program is adapted by Dr. Robert Atkins in the 1960s from a diet program that he read in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He then used it to solve the problem of the conditions his body weight overweight after completing training in medical school and school of medicine specialist. Atkins diet consists of many phases and encourages vegetables but does not allow fruit until phase 2. This diet program promote eggs, fish, and vegetable oils as well as butter too. The recommended foods are meats (beef, pork, lamb), healthy fats (butter, canola and coconut oil, mayonnaise), cheeses, and so on. While the forbidden foods are sugars, cookies, crackers, and breaded fried foods.


When you are doing comparison between Paleo and Atkins Diet, you will notice that Atkins diet is easier and more convenient for eliminating less food. It seems like Atkins is suitable for you as the first time dieters knowing that Atkins provides as an entry into a low-carb lifestyle, while still promoting healthy fats, vegetables, and fruits.