Optavia vs Jenny Craig

Below, you can read about the comparisons between Optavia vs Jenny Craig. These are two of the most popular diet programs for weight loss right now. However, these diet programs emphasize different things, so you can expect different effects and results from them.

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About Optavia
Optavia is actually a set of complex diet programs that are specifically designed for weight management and long-term health. Due to their complexity, Optavia’s diet programs usually involve professional coaches to provide guidance. They also incorporate healthy recipes which you can follow to make your own healthy meals, OptaviaFuelings which are basically meal replacement foods, and daily motivation from the active community. See also: Optavia vs Medifast.

Optavia claims that their diet programs are not only for mere weight loss. The company claims that their diet programs can give a life-long transformation by making the dieter adopt a new healthy habit at a time. These healthy habits may include choosing healthy foods and regular exercises. So, once you have reached the desired body weight, Optavia will make sure that you don’t gain weight again in the future.

Optavia is said to provide various benefits. As mentioned above, Optavia can make you lose weight and adopt new healthy habits. Furthermore, Optavia can also increase your vitality and energy levels. The foods in Optavia’s diet programs are nutritious and healthy. They contain fiber, whey protein, pea protein, and probiotics.

According to the dieters, Optavia can make you lose weight and reach your desire body weight in a few weeks. In fact, the “Optavia 30” diet program is designed to give results within thirty days. However, there are also some negative reviews about the unpleasant flavors of some meals and the relatively high prices.

About Jenny Craig
On the other hand, Jenny Craig is a three-level diet program that is designed to deliver weight loss by teaching the dieter that they can eat whatever they want, but in smaller portions. This is very interesting, as Jenny Craig does not strict the kinds of foods and drinks that you take. You just have to carefully control the amounts.

In one part of the plan, you will learn how to boost your energy levels despite the reduced amounts of consumption, which is by regularly performing manageable physical exercises. Meanwhile, the final part of the plan will focus on your mental health by teaching how you can build and balance your mentality and emotion for weight loss.

Nevertheless, in the beginning of the plan, you will also meet prepackaged foods that are designed to help you start losing weight. These prepackaged foods are usually frozen meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The calories have been carefully counted to allow weight loss. Nevertheless, Jenny Craig neither dismisses nor promotes any food.

Some dieters say that Jenny Craig is effective. Jenny Craig can help them manage their eating portions carefully. However, there are some negative reviews as well. First, the prices are very expensive. Second, since you can eat any food that you want, you are more prone to fall into binge eating again.

Optavia vs Jenny Craig

OptaviaJenny Craig
- Have meal replacement foods and healthy recipes- You can eat all kinds of foods, but in smaller portions
- Make you adopt new healthy habits- Build and balance your mentality and emotion for weight loss
- You are less likely to fall into binge eating again- You may fall into binge eating again
- Relatively more affordable- Very expensive

Both Optavia and Jenny Craig can help you lose weight if you follow their guides consistently. However, Optavia is better because it limits the foods that you can take, so you are less likely to fall into binge eating again. Optavia also makes you adopt new healthy habits.