Optavia vs Ideal Protein

Weight loss is not as simple as reducing your food portions. In many cases, weight loss requires changes in lifestyle and eating habits. This is why weight loss is often difficult and even extremely challenging for many people. Now, there are two weight loss programs that claim to be effective to help you out, Optavia vs Ideal Protein.

So, which one does actually work? Below, you can learn more about:
– How Optaviavs Ideal Protein diet programs work,
– Whether these diet programs are effective for weight loss,
– The potential concerns of each diet program, and
– Which diet program that is more recommended for you.

What is Optavia?
Unlike Shakeology vs Vega One, which are simple weight loss shakes, Optavia is a group of complex diet programs that are designed to help in weight management and optimal long-term health. Optavia aims to make you lose weight by improving your lifestyle and eating habits.

Optavia’s diet programs are quite complicated, which is why they often include professional assistance from official coaches. They also include recipes that require you to prepare healthy meals yourself, Optavia Fuelings which are meal replacement foods, as well as daily motivation from the community.


Optavia claims to be effective for “lifelong transformation”. The company says that this goal can be achieved by adopting one healthy habit at a time. Throughout a diet program, you will be guided to adopt new habits so that you can eat more healthily and keep an ideal body shape. Optavia also claims to be able to increase your vitality and energy levels.

Is Optavia Effective?
Just like many other diet programs in the market, Optavia has received mixed reviews. The positive ones say that Optavia is effective for weight loss. It can reduce your weight quickly and make you adopt healthier habits. It also has diverse food options. However, the negative ones claim about Optavia’s high prices, the awful tastes of the foods, and the use of risky supplements.

What is Ideal Protein?
Ideal Protein is a comprehensive weight loss program that describes itself as a “complete closed system”. The idea behind Ideal Protein is to remove difficult decision making from the customer’s perspective in choosing foods and drinks. As the alternative, Ideal Protein brings categorized options for foods and drinks so that the customer doesn’t need to get confused or get attracted to unhealthy feasts.


The foods and drinks of Ideal Protein are specially designed to integrate seamlessly with their diet plans and app-based platform. The whole system promises to give you rapid weight loss. The purpose is essentially making a huge calorie deficit so that you can burn down more fat and start to lose weight.

To get started, a customer can take a consultation with an advisor to discuss the goals, time frames, and program intensity. Then, you will get a four-phase program. You can keep track of your progress by using the app-based platform. You can find out more about Ideal Protein here.

Is Ideal Protein Effective?
Frankly, Ideal Protein is among the most intense weight loss programs in the market. It can make a significant calorie deficit every day. This is indeed effective for weight loss. However, you should be careful, as long-term calorie deficit may cause health issues. At first, you will experience increased fatigue and irritability, but your body will adjust.

Optavia vs Ideal Protein

OptaviaIdeal Protein
- Complex diet programs that should be guided by official coaches- Focused on creating a calorie deficit
- May involve risky supplements- Does not use supplements
- More expensive- Relatively more affordable

In general, Ideal Protein is more recommended. It is more effective and less risky, as it is based on creating a calorie deficit. It can help you lose weight quickly. On the other hand, Optavia’s diet programs can be expensive and may involve supplements.