Nuun Active vs Nuun Energy

Nuun is one of the most well-known hydration drinks in the market. However, there are several different kinds of Nuun, such as Nuun Active and Nuun Energy. In this article, we will break down the differences between Nuun Active vs Nuun Energy to help you choose the most suitable drink.

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Nuun Active is available in more flavor choices. There are 9 flavor choices in total. So, you can try several different options before settling with a favorite. You have several options to switch to when you are bored with a flavor. The flavor choices include lemon lime, orange, citrus fruit, strawberry lemonade, grape, tri-berry, watermelon, fruit punch, and tropical. See also: Hammer Fizz vs Nuun.

On the other hand, Nuun Energy is only available in four flavor choices. With fewer options, you may get bored quickly with the drink. However, this is quite unlikely, as the drink does taste nice. The flavor choices include fresh lime, cherry limeade, mango orange, and wild berry.

Nuun Active contains for primary electrolytes which have vital roles in providing hydration and enhancing your exercise performance. These electrolytes include sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These electrolytes are important for maintaining the body’s fluid balance. In addition, they are also important for normal muscle functions.

On the other hand, Nuun Energy has more ingredients. It has the same four electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium), but it is further enriched with B vitamins and caffeine from green tea extract. Nuun Energy only has 30 – 100% of the recommended daily values for B vitamins, and the caffeine content is only 40 mg per serving, so it won’t be overwhelming for your body.

Although the caffeine amount in Nuun Energy is quite low, you still need to be careful. Make sure that you don’t consume too much caffeine in a day. You can get caffeine from other drinks, such as coffee and energy drinks. Too much caffeine can cause annoying side effects, such as tremor, headaches, anxiety, rapid heart rate, and insomnia.

The main benefits of Nuun Active are rehydration and electrolyte restoration. These two things are very important after a heavy physical activity. During the intense work, your body lost significant amounts of water and electrolytes. In order to recover more quickly, you need to rehydrate your body. However, rehydration alone is not enough; you also need to restore the electrolytes to get back to the ideal fluid balance.

On the other hand, Nuun Energy is more like a pre-workout drink. This is because of the B vitamins and caffeine. The B vitamins can help to breakdown foods for energy, whereas the caffeine can enhance your metabolism and mental focus. As the effect, Nuun Energy can increase your energy and performance during the workout. The electrolytes may be consumed prior to the workout as long as you don’t consume them excessively.

Nuun Active vs Nuun Energy

Nuun ActiveNuun Energy
- 9 flavor : lemon lime, orange, citrus fruit, strawberry lemonade, grape, tri-berry, watermelon, fruit punch, and tropical- 4 flavor choices: fresh lime, cherry limeade, mango orange, and wild berry
- Water and four electrolytes- Water, four electrolytes, B vitamins, and 40 mg caffeine
- For rehydration and restoring electrolytes- For providing electrolytes and enhancing performance
- Suitable for consumption after the workout- Suitable for consumption before the workout

If you think you need some boost of energy before working out, Nuun Energy makes a good choice. It doesn’t contain significant calories, so it won’t cause weight gain. It contains B vitamins and caffeine that can enhance your energy and performance. It also provides electrolytes so that you won’t lose too much after the workout.