Noosa Yogurt vs Chobani

When having a diet people usually consume so many supplements and low calories meals. It is good, but don’t you know that consuming supplements can somehow endanger your body? Diet supplements can cause really bad side effects to your body. Then why don’t try using the more natural way of diet and not the instant one? You can try to do many workouts and exercises while having low calories foods. One method that you can try is by consuming yogurt. Noosa Yogurt and Chobani yogurt are the yogurts that are well-known in the market. Noosa is a thick and creamy yogurt that comes in many different fruity flavors. Noosa yogurt is the fat-free product which comes to be your favorite yogurt product. On the other hand, Chobani yogurt is the Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is no doubt really delicious. It also has many fans because of its contents that have more protein and less sugar than the regular yogurt. So if you are a fan of yogurt, let’s see the explanation of these two products below.

Noosa Yogurt vs Chobani

The most important thing in yogurt is most likely about its flavor. The more tantalizing the taste is, the more you get the customers enchanted. For the Noosa yogurt, it comes with many different flavors like mango, strawberry rhubarb, raspberry, honey, and blueberry. All of them are fruity flavors which explain that Noosa yogurt is purely intended for the women. The taste is excellent, the texture is creamy, and it really represents how the fruity tastes are. Your tongue will feel the sensation of sweet and sour in one blend. If Noosa is delicious, then Chobani is not. Chobani yogurt pretty much comes with their own idea about yogurt. The taste is not sweet enough, and the mixing flavors inside are unacceptable. Maybe the reason behind the bad taste is because Chobani emphasizes on the healthy effects more than the other yogurt.


Effect for health
While Noosa is appetizing, it also has a good effect on your health. Noosa will make your digestion works better and prevent constipation. Noosa is also good for your diet program. You can use Noosa yogurt as the pair for your other meal so that you won’t get hungry during your diet process. On the contrary, Chobani is trying to use many natural ingredients inside the yogurt to give the healthy effects. Chobani is using the nonfat milk, pectin, blueberries, and evaporated juice. But to be honest, these ingredients don’t seem very natural like what the Chobani claim. But Chobani is using the regular sugar. After that, the other surprising fact is that Chobani is adding artificial food colors to the yogurt. Usually, it is pretty easy to use the colors from the natural ingredients, so why bother using the artificial colors if the natural ingredients can somehow cover it? The performance itself, though, is not that bad. Chobani is decent for you who wants to live a healthy life.

Noosa Yogurt

The Noosa is clearly the winner here as the Chobani is giving a claim that can’t be proven. Outside from that, Noosa is also far more superior in the taste and overall effects. So be wise in buying your yogurt, because what is written can be a lie.

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