Nitraflex vs Mr Hyde

Having the right pre work out supplement is a no-brainer. Your endurance levels are boosted as well as your awareness and focus. And of course, there is an increase in your muscle strength. With the right PWO, you are bound to have a high focus, high intensity workout. Let’s take a look at two of the most popular PWOs right now. It is time for Nitraflex vs Mr Hyde.


Nitraflex by GAT combines stimulants, pumps and testosterone boosters into one supplement. It has as much pump, power and testosterone that it has been compared with downing 5 energy drinks at once. You are certain to find your strength and endurance levels increased for you to do a strenuous, high intensity workout. Expect also to be very alert and focused as its mix of ingredients are designed to keep your brain at high alert while increasing energy and oxygen flow directly to your muscles. Even more, water-retaining ingredients have been left out of this supplement so do not get water-bloated and think you are getting muscular when you are not.

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Mr Hyde
With really high caffeine levels at 419mg compared with Nitraflex at 325mg, Mr Hyde seems not to be everybody’s cup of tea. For some, the complaint is the taste. For others, it is an attendant inability to sleep. For most, they would rather mix it with Mr Jekyll to get the full benefits. To its credit though, Mr Hyde is made with natural ingredients and as little artificial ingredients as possible.


So Nitraflex vs Mr Hyde?
Let us let the reviews decide. And Nitraflex has certainly had numerous overwhelming reviews compared to Mr Hyde. With great excellent taste, overwhelmingly positive reviews and getting the results you need with one scoop or less, Nitraflex takes the edge. Drink up.

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