Nitraflex vs Bullnox

Are you having a problem when building your muscles? Sometimes even though you have a crazy amount of workout, you still don’t get muscular enough. It is because a muscular body is not only created by the exercise alone, but it also takes the consumption factor. What you eat becomes more vital when improving your muscles. But to do it better you can try some supplement to make your life easier. Now we introduce you to the GAT company products.

Nitraflex vs Bullnox

GAT recently put out their new product named as Nitraflex. GAT Nitraflex will give you stimulants and pump up your slender body into a muscular one. The other product which has the same function is the Bullnox. What diverse them is mostly about their function. Bullnox is intended for maintaining the state of your body. It is somehow can be used as the pre-workout nutrition and keep our body healthy throughout the whole process of the workout. GAT Nitraflex and Bullnox seem interesting for now, but let’s try to dig further for its performance. (Read also : Nitraflex vs Mr Hyde)


First, let’s discuss Nitraflex. Nitraflex is a product produced by GAT company. GAT Nitraflex is giving us many varieties in flavors. Many of those varieties are pretty good for the consumers’ demands. That’s some good variation by GAT Nitraflex but not count as the primary factor yet. The major factor in choosing the best supplement for the bodybuilder is determined by its ability to keep you in the best performance while having a diet. Because to make a great body, you need to lessen your fat while adding more muscle weight. In this case, Nitraflex is good but not the best. Nitraflex is good after you consume it for about 15 minutes.

For first 15 minutes, you will be having a burst of energy inside your body. But the effects will start to diminish after that. You will sweat a lot, and the severe effects will make your workout feel harder than the usual. The same case happens for Bullnox. Bullnox is not giving a better solution than Nitraflex. For the burn effect of fat, it is noticeably a good product for that purpose alone. But there are lots of reports that said after consuming Bullnox you would sweat a lot for the rest of the day. Some even consider it as a pretty useless product that gives no pump or boost in your exercise. And to sum up the problems, you will get many side effects from consuming Bullnox. Bullnox is not good for your health, and it has many dangerous side effects. All the side effect comes from the ridiculous amount of chemical used inside that product.


In this case, we will recommend you to buy Nitraflex than buying Bullnox. Nitraflex is by far pretty decent for the pre-workout supplement which delivers a fast and explosive training result. Maybe Nitraflex is not the best, but Nitraflex is decent compared to the Bullnox. Aside from the minimal effect it gives and just the burn fat effect, Bullnox is dreadful for your body and health. That point is solely contrasting with the purpose of exercising, which is to have a healthy life. So it is safer for you to choose Nitraflex.

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