Myoplex vs Met-RX

Are you having a problem with your protein supplement? Having a great body always becomes the inspiration for some people. But to reach that state, we need to sacrifice quite a lot. You need to do many workouts regularly and eating tons of proteins while facing with your daily activity. That’s easy if you do it like what your instructor command you to do. The most important factor comes from the protein supplement that you get. You need a good protein supplement like Myoplex and Met-RX to fulfill it.

Myoplex vs Met-RX

Myoplex is a line of protein replacement shakes and bars produced by EAS Daily Nutrition, a company that has their style of bodybuilding and enhancing supplements. After that, we have Met-RX which has the same function like Myoplex. Met-RX is a replacement for your meal. This shake can be quite problematic for you to consume. You need a few days to get used to this because of its flavor. But it is worth to try because the result is unimaginable. So to get a better insight about this let’s try to compare this two items point by point. (See also : Myoplex vs Isopure)

In the bodybuilding supplement, it is always important to keep the taste and flavor up to the expectation while maintaining its performance. In this case, Myoplex tastes a little bit better than the common shake and bar. It comes that consumers only love some flavors like chocolate and strawberry, while another flavor receives a bad reply. But all of that is predictable because usually, people have different taste of food one to the other.

That’s why Myoplex has already prevented this and offers us many different flavors. On the contrary, Met-RX is pretty bad in the taste sector. It is pretty much useless to add other food while consuming Met-RX. So if you are a who can accept a bad taste, you can try Myoplex. But if you are a guy who can’t take the flavor, don’t push yourself too far because the effects could be ended in having nausea or a headache.


Myoplex is probably a good product to be used as the protein supplement or to lose some weight. But you need to keep it in mind that Myoplex has already received a lot of bad comments by the consumers. Many of them said that Myoplex is not worth to be consumed because of the less-than-savory taste and many shakes product are more useful than Myoplex. But to be clear, the main reason why you need to think twice before savoring this product is that the science proof.

EAS company didn’t put any explanation or scientific evidence to back up this item. The same is noted as well in Met-RX. Met-RX also didn’t have any scientific proof to support it. But the reply from their consumers has somehow lightened them. It is because many of them praise the product for its ability to give you protein while works pretty well as the meal replacement shakes. You won’t feel hungry after eating this. The other good line also comes from the claim that Met-RX doesn’t use any artificial sweetener aspartame and unhealthy hydrogenated fats.


Between these products, it is wiser to choose Met-RX. Even though Met-RX has a better taste, but the outcome is better and pretty suitable to be used as the replacement of your meals.

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