Myoplex vs Isopure

We all agree that attaining a healthy body weight improves your fitness levels, gives you the desired confidence and boosts your self-esteem. Don’t you ever envy the nice curves, muscle tone and fitness levels of bodybuilders and most athletes? Well, they worked for it. Let us cut short the long story and look at Myoplex vs Isopure which are some of the best protein brands in the market today.


Achieving a great physique is a demanding task which may involve integrating a healthy diet, protein supplements and consistent exercising. While there is adequate information on diet and exercising, choosing the best protein supplement remains an uphill task. This is partly because of the high number of brands currently available in the market. Isopure and Myoplex are basically better than the rest due to their effectiveness. However, read further to learn some of the differences between the two great products.

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First, the choice of either of the products will depend on your goals and their nutritional composition. Myoplex is more balanced with 300 calories, 42g of protein content, 23g of vitamins and minerals, 20g of carbohydrates and a remarkable 7g of dietary fiber. On the other hand, Isopure contains 300 cacalories, 50g of protein, 24 g of vitamins and other minerals and 25 grams of carbohydrates. Isopure is therefore one of the few protein powders that contain no dietary fiber.


Flavorful protein powders are more appealing to our taste buds, right? These two products differ in taste. Myoplex contains chocolate and strawberry or vanilla which taste flavorful to most users unlike Isopure which does not include any additional flavors. Both powders contain BCAAS hence their ability to enhance muscle build up and fast recovery.

EAS Myoplex vs Isopure debate is difficult to call. These two protein powders compare competitively in terms of price and other properties. While both are safe for use, Myoplex tastes better and is more balanced hence often used as a nutritional supplement. However, if your main goal is to get a bigger build of muscles with awesome muscle tone, Isopure is your choice of protein powder. Of course, even if its taste may not be so great. I will go for Myoplex because of its nutritional value.

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