MCT Oil Powder vs Oil

Supplement has been used for a long time to aid weight loss and still very popular today, we even upgrade and use various things to support our program. One of the recent popular is MCT Oil Powder vs Oil which is found to give many benefits to our body. Both of them derived from the same thing but may have some different sides. If you are wondering which form will be the most suitable for your body, go check our article below to see their benefit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a diet supplement
– What are MCT Oil Powder and Oil
– What MCT Oil Powder and Oil can offer to you
– MCT Oil Powder vs Oil

Diet Supplement
Dieting is hard and almost everybody who ever do the methods state that it is true because we are not only need to change our lifestyle, we will need a strong will to achieve our goal. People may have different body goal because some people want to look good or have the ideal body while some others may want to build some muscle but generally, we are dieting to become a healthier person and avoid many diseases that threaten our lives due to the excess amount of fat.

Fat is the enemy of almost everyone and it is not the healthy fat in food like beef or fish but the fat that builds up in our body from what we have consumed which contains so many calories per serving so our body can’t use all the energy for daily activities and store them as fat in our body. Not only unhealthy, an excessive amount of fat will make someone may feel or look less attractive, moreover, it may hinder our daily life. Read also: Grapeseed Oil vs Safflower Oil here.

There are so many diet methods out there and each one of them claim to be able to help us lost some weight and be a healthier persons with an ideal body. However, since our body are different with different lifestyle as well, the perfect diet for every person may differ from each other, so the one that works for someone may not able to provide the same result to our body which is why we need to ask a professional before deciding to follow a diet plan.

Besides dieting that means we follow an eating plan or pattern or avoid and consume the specific food decided by the plan, exercising is an important thing to do because dieting without exercise is incomplete. Additionally, we hope to lose some more weight or increase the effectivity of the diet plan by consuming supplement. There are so many diet supplement out there in many different form as well, so it is important to choose the one that will give you the most benefit.

About MCT Oil Powder and Oil
One of the recent popular diet supplement is MCT oil or medium-chain triglycerides which is derived commonly from coconut oils because this one is a great source of the oil with more than half of the compound is MCT. The popularity that leads the oil becomes the helper of so many people is of course because it can provide many benefits to our body raging from improving cognitive function to aid those who currently trying to shed some pounds or dieting.

In the old days, we are told to avoid fat because they are unhealthy and can cause many problems which is why fat-rich foods are not preferred by many people. However, recent researches has shown that saturated fats are not that harmful to our body and even can give some meaningful benefits. Standard western diets especially, avoid many saturated fat rich foods but now we move to accepting them into our diet due to the benefit and actual health result of consuming them routinely.

The health foods that rich in healthy fat like what we found in coconut oil or grass-fed beef are in fact easier to digest than the long famous long-chain triglycerides and even may able to give more benefit to heart health, brain health, and preventing obesity as well. Besides in coconut oil, MCT can be found in a small amount on other foods like butter from grass-fed cows, palm oil, cheese, whole milk and yogurt. As for palm oil, they are not bad but there has been controversy on the manufacturing process of the oil itself.

Because MCT oil is made from coconut oil, it doesn’t mean they are the same because even though as coconut oil the compound is still very beneficial, the core difference between them is that MCT oil is much more concentrated and contains the beneficial parts that consisting of capric acid and caprylic acid. To put it simply, even though coconut oil has MCT, the concentrated MCT or MCT Oil is entirely the MCTs.

MCT is differentiated in 4 different kinds according to the number of carbons there are connected to fat molecules and while coconut oil is made up of around 50% of one kind which is lauric acid, MCT oil is different because they are made using the fatty acids from coconut and palm oil that commonly comprised of capric acid, caprylic acid or a blend of both.

Benefit of MCT Oil Powder and Oil
MCT Oil have so many benefit and it is the reason why the compound being so popular. The first benefit is aiding our weight loss program because compared to other type of oils, this one showed to have positive effects on fat burning and weight reduction when used as a part of healthy diet. The oil will help increase satiety and raise metabolic rate at which our body functions. Second is help protecting heart health because according to Journal of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, the oil will help preventing the development of metabolic syndrome.

This term is used call obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and impaired fasting glucose levels. Third is improving energy levels and mood because the brain is made of fatty acids and we need a steady amount to feel best or think clearly while being sharp even in older age. Fourth is supporting digestion and nutrient absorption because the oil can help balancing the bacteria in our gut microbiota that have positive effects in energy expenditure and ability to absorb vitamins as well as mineral from the things we consume.

Fifth is as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties because medium chain fats can kill some bacteria such as streptococcus that cause strep throat, pneumonia and sinus infections; staphylococcus which is the cause for food poisoning and urinary tract infections; and Neisseria which is the cause for meningitis, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Sixth is it can withstand high heat cooking, making it an ideal option for frying compared to regular vegetable oils.

Now let’s talk about the form because formerly, MCT oil only available in oil form but recently, people are manufacturing the powder form as well because just like any other liquid, an oil is not convenient to use especially when we spent most of the time outside the house which is why we need something that can be carried and stored easily as well as taken regularly in between our activities. Another reason is not everyone likes the oily texture or oil in general that making it hard for some to consume them.

To make MCT oil into powder form, the making process is called spray drying and just like the name, they will be sprayed into microscopic powder that acts as a carrier shell and converting the liquid into solid or powder form. This method is very common in manufacturing products that need liquid to solid converting and like what you expect, this powder is softer in digestive system, easier to use for cooking and easier as well to combine with another supplements.

As for digestive problems, this is a pretty common issue for those who consume MCT Oil in liquid form since the oil can cause diarrhea, irritability, and vomiting along with intestinal gas and discomfort. However, this issue is happening mostly because someone consume too much MCT oil at a time or consuming them on an empty stomach. When converted into powder, the oil can be received easier by our digestive system and allowing us to consume more of it at once.

The next worth mentioning benefit is cooking advantage because as we know, MCT oil in its liquid form have limited use in cooking because we can only use them in cooking that needs oil while the powder form can be made into many energy bars or shake because they will acts similar like creamer for drink and still retain the taste and texture of the food.

Now, let’s compare MCT Oil Powder with Oil. As it has been mentioned above, the benefit of these oils are the same because made of the same materials but powder form will need carrier which means manufacturers can add either more beneficial fiber like acacia or low quality fiber and even sugar that can add some unwanted effects. In convenience, powdered oil is easier to take, carry and use in cooking.

MCT Oil Powder vs Oil

MCT Oil PowderMCT Oil
- Easier to carry- Harder to carry
- Easier to consume- Oily texture (harder to consume)
- Easier to incorporate in cooking/drink- Harder to use in cooking
- Is added with other fiber as carrier- 100% MCT Oil

All in all, both options are good to help us prevent some diseases and reduce some weight when followed by healthy diet and exercising. However, we prefer MCT Oil powder better because of the convenience, so we can take it anytime we need.