Lipozene vs Adipex

Exercise and set the pattern of eating is a major key in doing weight loss. However, if they are not successful, you may require the use of the drug-lowering weight, or known by the name of diet pills. The use of diet pills is not recommended for everyone, there are certain physical conditions that cause someone allowed taking any diet pills. Then, diet pills with brand what is most recommended? In fact there are many, but 2 of the number range of diet pills review will be made on this occasion. They are the Lipozene vs. Adipex.

Lipozene vs Adipex 1

Lipozene is natural diet pills made from water-soluble fiber or known as Glucomannan. The unique things about these diet pills are that it swells in the gastrointestinal tract, increasing in the volume and transforming into a diet gel. The increasing of volume of water-soluble fiber, size of the stomach can reduce and become an obese person needs less amount of food to feel fullness than common. It is also providing weak anorexigenic effect, means that the pills do not provide rapid weight loss. This is water-soluble does not normalize the metabolism. Lipozene diet pills the body weight starts increasing again and again. Lipozene must be consumed 2 pills in daily before each main meal 30 minutes before with a full glass of water as the company. You must notice that you may not consume it more than 3 times a day with maximal daily dose of Lipozene is 6 diet pills. How about the side effect? Because of it is water-soluble Glucomannan fiber is excreted from the body with feces, thereby causing diarrhea. Loose stool is the most common side effect of Lipozene and you cannot prevent it. You can purchase this Lipozene either online or directly go to the nearest drugstore.

Lipozene vs Adipex 2

Adipex is made by an active ingredient namely Phentermine which is an appetite suppressant of the amphetamine class, indicated for short-term use daily in the treatment of obesity in conjunction with diet and exercise. This is a powerful central nervous system stimulant and a quite likely the most commonly prescribed weight loss agent in the United States, America. Who should consider taking this pills or supplements? It is actually reserved for obese patients with a risk at health caused by their weight especially the one with the threshold of obesity or surpassed it among BMI 3 or more. Adipex is a potent central nervous system stimulant that has been proven by clinical efficacy. The functions are to increase the total of certain neurotransmitters in the brain and in turn leads to appetite suppression. The agent can carry some risk of physical dependency, means that it is only prescribed for short periods of time for among 12 weeks. You must consume Adipex at least once a day, on an empty stomach, 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast time or 2 hours after breakfast. A dose can suppress appetite up to 12 until 14 hours. You must notice that Adipex should not be taken in the evening because, it can cause insomnia.

Lipozene vs Adipex 3

By consuming Adipex, it practically makes you starve the weight off. Once you are off of it if you start eating “normally” or “bad” again you will put the weight back on quicker than you lost it. On the other hand, Lipozene does suppress your appetite and you can lose weight. The downfall is when you stop taking it you could gain more weight back especially, if you don’t know how to control your eating habits and don’t exercise. How can you compare between Lipozene vs Adipex, then?