KetoCaNa vs Pruvit

Chances are, you have been wondering about what these so-called exogenous ketones are. Well, don’t worry; you are not the only one. There are many other people who wonder what the buzz in the dieting world is all about. Dieters have talked about exogenous ketones quite a lot since that developments about the supplement began. Today, several brands have started to produce exogenous ketone supplements, such as KetoSports with the KetoCaNa and Pruvit with the Keto OS Max. Below, you can find the answers to your questions: what exogenous ketones are, how effective they are, and all about KetoCaNa and Pruvit. So, continue reading

KetoCaNa vs Pruvit

What are Exogenous Ketones?

First of all, let us start by understanding better about what exogenous ketones actually are. To understand the meaning behind, let us see the words that constitute the term. “Exogenous ketones” consists of two words, which are ‘exogenous’ and ‘ketones’. Exogenous is an adjective that describes something that is created from external factors that are outside the normal production mechanism. Since ketones are naturally produced by the body, “exogenous ketones” refer to the ketones that are made outside the body by scientists and then digested in order to accelerate ketosis. Ketones are organic compounds that are naturally produced by the body when you experience starvation. Ketones are an excellent fuel source for the body and the brain. The state when the body consumes ketones as the source of energy is called ‘ketosis’. Various studies have shown that when the body is in ketosis, it uses oxygen more efficiently and thus is more effective in producing energy.

Take a look: KetoCaNa vs Keto OS.

The Advantages of Consuming Exogenous Ketones

So, what are the advantages of consuming exogenous ketones? First of all, many dieters are interested in exogenous ketones because they can make a constant energy flow. They can enhance your athletic performance. Unlike sugars and carbohydrates, which cause a power spike and also a crash after the effect runs out, exogenous ketones provide energy more smoothly and consistently throughout the effect duration, allowing for better stamina and durability. Studies have also found that exogenous ketones can maintain the metabolic integrity of the brain by preventing the forming of free radicals in mitochondria. The second reason why people use exogenous ketones is because they can make your ketogenic diet more flexible. A ketogenic diet typically increases fats and reduces carbs in order to induce ketosis. However, you will be able to eat more kinds of meals given that you consume exogenous ketones to make up for the ketosis. Third, by quickening your body to adapt to ketosis, exogenous ketones can reduce the initial side effects often occurring at the start of a ketogenic diet, such as headache, fatigue, weakness, and constipation. These symptoms related to the beginning of a ketogenic diet are often called “ketogenic flu”. Exogenous ketones can reduce ketogenic flu by making your body adapt to ketosis faster.

About KetoCaNa

KetoCaNa is an exogenous ketone supplement that is produced by KetoSports. It comes in a powdered form. You need to mix the powder with some water in order to consume it. However, KetoCaNa is quite a simple solution, as it comes with just one recipe and one packaging size for all users. Every tube contains about 10.75 oz KetoCaNa powder, and the taste is natural orange. The direction recommends mixing one heaping scoop with 8 oz water, and that is consumed at least 15 minutes before a cardio intensive exercise. You should not take more than three serving per day.


Compared to other exogenous ketones, KetoCaNa is more of a bare-bone supplement. There are not many ingredients here. It simply features beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) as the main source of ketones, calcium that aids in digestion, citric acid, stevia, and natural flavors. Each serving provides about 11.7 grams BHB. Due to the addition of stevia and orange, KetoCaNa tastes pretty good. It is not exactly great, but still tolerable.

About Pruvit Keto OS Max

Pruvit has attracted quite a lot of attention on the market, primarily because of the Keto OS Max; that is an exogenous ketone that comes in a powdered foam in a convenient sachet packaging. Due to the sachet packaging, Pruvit Keto OS Max can be very easy and practical to be brought along to your gym. Furthermore, Pruvit Keto OS Max is vegan approved, gluten free, and dairy free. It is available in two flavor choices, which are Maui Punch and Swiss Cacao. It is recommended to be consumed about 30 minutes before a workout, and not more than three times a day.


Pruvit Keto OS Max has an ingredient list that features beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB), malic acid, caffeine, natural flavor, and stevia. The total amount of BHB is about 6.6 grams. However, the caffeine content can help to lose wight and increase wakefulness, though not all people can drink caffeine easily.

KetoCaNa vs. Pruvit Keto OS Max

When choosing for an exogenous ketone supplement, it is usually the sources of ketones that we need to consider. Both KetoCaNa and Pruvit use BHB, which is currently considered as the best ketone source in the world. However, KetoCaNa contains significantly more BHB than Pruvit. KetoCaNa comes with 11.7 grams of BHB, whereas Pruvit only has 6.6 grams. Therefore, you can expect KetoCaNa to deliver more energy and help you adapt to ketosis faster than Pruvit.

On the other hand, though, don’t forget that Pruvit has some caffeine. Caffeine is good for inducing weight loss, increasing metabolism, and enhancing focus. However, caffeine is not the main focus in a ketogenic diet. You should be careful with it if your body does not tolerate caffeine well.

- Tube packaging - Sachet packaging
- Available in just one flavor, which is orange- Available in two flavors, which are Maui Punch and Swiss Cacao
- Tastes acceptable-Tastes great
- Only has 6.6 grams BHB- No caffeine


So, which is the exogenous ketone supplement that you should choose? We recommend KetoCaNa. It has a higher amount of BHB as the source of ketones, allowing for stronger ketogenic effects. Pruvit is a nice choice for the convenient packaging, delicious taste, and caffeine enhancement, but the BHB content is just more-or-less half of KetoCaNa’s. So, KetoCaNa is the way to go.