KetoCaNa vs Keto OS

In the recent few years, keto diets have gradually risen in popularity. Well, they are not necessarily new; they are pretty much synonymous to low carb diets and low carb high fat (LCHF) diets, which have been known to many people for a long time. However, only after weight-loss diets become trending globally, these diets are re-introduced with modern scientific twists. Keto diets are now commonly performed while consuming an exogenous ketone supplement all along, like KetoCaNa and Keto OS.

KetoCaNa vs Keto OS

If you have been wondering what the differences are between KetoCaNa and Keto OS, you have come to the right place. Below, we will take a look at the two to better understand the differences. Both KetoCaNa and Keto OS are popular exogenous ketone supplements that people often use in their diets, but they are certainly not identical to each other. Should you pick KetoCaNa or Keto OS? (See also: KetoCaNa vs KetoForce)

What are exogenous ketones and why use them?
There are ketones, and there are exogenous ketones. Let’s start with ketones.

Ketones are relatively simple carbon-based compounds featuring a central carbon atom bonded to two carbon chains and double-bonded to an oxygen atom. Ketones are naturally produced by the human body by breaking down fats. Ketones are used by the body as an alternative fuel to glucose. However, they are only used when the glucose level in your blood is very low – a state known as ketosis, and this is exactly the aim of most if not all keto diets. Instead of lowering your calorie intake, a keto diet would just reduce your carbohydrate intake to induce ketosis, in which condition your body will burn down the accumulated fats into ketones and then into energy.

The term ‘exogenous’ refers to something that is made from outside or is made not in the usual way. So, exogenous ketones are ketones that are not made naturally by the human body, a.k.a. synthetic ketones. These exogenous ketones usually use BHB, which is currently the best known exogenous ketone source. The human body can convert BHB into ketones very efficiently. Exogenous ketones are taken for several reasons. An exogenous ketone supplement can be taken prior to a workout session to enhance your energy, stamina, and recovery. An exogenous ketone supplement can also be taken to help your body adapt to ketosis more quickly.

Product Overview

KetoCaNa and Keto OS are similar that they are both exogenous ketone supplements. However, there are several key differences between the two products. KetoCaNa is an exogenous ketone supplement that is based on BHB alone; it comes in a powder form, and is sweetened and flavored. It is produced by KetoSports.

On the other hand, Keto OS, which actually stands for Ketone Operating System, is produced by Pruvit. It is also based on BHB, but also incorporates other major ingredients such as the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) powder and the amino acid blend. It comes in a powder form, too, and is available in several flavors.

Flavor Choices

One of the best things about Keto OS is that it is available in several flavor choices. If you have followed several diets to no avail, you would know the struggle of eating the same thing over and over again. Having no flavor variety can be extremely boring, especially after several days going. That’s why Keto OS can be a great choice for you. And, to make things even better, Keto OS is available in bottles as well as convenient sachets that you can easily bring along to gyms. The sachets are available in five different flavors: Swiss Cacao, Maui Punch, and Kreme. The bottles, however, are only available in two different flavors: Chocolate Swirl and Orange Dream.

The Chocolate Swirl tastes great; it is just like a salted chocolate milkshake. Meanwhile, the Orange Dream tastes somewhat similar KetoCaNa, except that being creamier like a milkshake.

On the other hand, KetoCaNa is only available in two flavors, which are orange and strawberry-lemonade. It is sweetened with stevia, and flavored with either orange or strawberry and lemon. The taste is indeed more acceptable than most performance supplements, but in no way comparable to Keto OS. You may find KetoCaNa Strawberry Lemonade to be tastier than KetoCaNa Orange. However, it is packaged in a tube, and comes with a serving scoop.


KetoCaNa comes with a fairly simple ingredient list, at least relative to Keto OS. The ingredients include Beta Hydroxy-Butyrate (BHB), citric acid, stevia, and natural flavorings. KetoCaNa contains approximately 11.7 grams of BHB in every serving. We would like to note that KetoCaNa does not contain any artificial sweetener, flavoring, or color.

On the other hand, Keto OS comes with a more complex list of ingredients. It features BHB, amino acid blend (containing L-Tyrosine, L-Taurine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine), MCT, natural flavors, milk. There is also the Charged version, which contains caffeine. However, Keto OS only contains approximately 6.6 grams of BHB in each serving. However, it has been praised for the MCT content, which prolongs the duration your body stays in ketosis, as well as the amino acid blend, which is beneficial for building muscles. The caffeine version is great for boosting your mental alertness as well as promoting weight loss, but should be avoided if your body is not tolerant to the substance.


Unlike sugar-based workout supplements, ketone-based supplements don’t give you an immediate surge of power (and post-effect crash). Instead, they give you sustained energy and stamina to help you exercise more effectively, as well as to help you recover faster. In general, KetoCaNa is able to deliver more energy, apparently due to the higher BHB content.

KetoCaNaKeto OS
- Powder form, tube packaging, two flavor choices - Powder form, tubes and sachets, five flavor choices
- Deliver more energy- Approximately 6.6 grams BHB
- Strange taste- Deliver less energy
- Other ingredients include citric acid, stevia, natural flavorings- Enriched with the amino acid blend, MCT; the Charged version has caffeine


In general, KetoCaNa is the better choice for an exogenous ketone supplement. That is because of the higher BHB content, which gives you more energy for your workout. It also helps you transition into ketosis more quickly. Keto OS is nice because of the taste, amino acid blend, and perhaps caffeine; but these are not the primary reasons why you consume such supplement in the first place. You can get the amino acids and caffeine from other meals and drinks.