Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are currently very popular diet programs in the US. There are many people who have chosen either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem as their diet programs. These diet programs have become incredibly popular because they have been proven to be effective to help you achieve your desired body weight. Both diet programs have carefully crafted their foods and menus so that you can lose some body weight in a pleasant and convenient way. So, should you go with the Jenny Craig or the Nutrisystem diet program? Below, we will see in what ways Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem differ from each other, along with the recommendation about which diet program that you should choose.

Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

The Plans
Truth to be told, Jenny Craig is generally more expensive than Nutrisystem. When dining on Jenny Craig’s foods, you can expect to spend from $130 to $180 per week. On the other hand, dining on Nutrisystem’s foods only require at least $80, though this is with the cheapest plan available. You see, Jenny Craig requires you to pay a membership fee in order to enjoy the available menu, and you also have to make a contract here, stating that you are going to use Jenny Craig’s service for a specified length of time. In other words, you cannot leave the program before the end of the program. On Nutrisystem, there is no such membership fee or contract, so you will be able to leave the program in the middle of the duration. Nutrisystem is indeed more flexible and user-friendly, but Jenny Craig may actually help you lose some weight by preventing you from leaving. (Read also: Wonderslim vs Nutrisystem)

At the current moment, Jenny Craig has the “Jenny Craig Anywhere” as the cheapest program, which costs $39/month excluding the foods. Considering that you still have to spend more money for the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, also snacks and groceries, that’s still quite expensive. There is also the “All Access Premium Membership” program that costs $19/month plus an enrollment fee of $100. The difference, besides the price tags, is that the basic plan only allows one phone or online meeting every month with a Jenny Craig consultant. The premium program gives you unlimited in-person consultations. The nice thing about Jenny Craig is that you can choose the foods by yourself, either by visiting their local center or delivery.

On the other hand, Nutrisystem provides three plan options. The cheapest one is the “Basic Plan”, which costs about $423.06/month normally or $274.99/month with auto-delivery. However, this plan is basically a shipment of 28-days-worth shelf-stable foods chosen for you. You can’t choose your foods; it is up to Nutrisystem in choosing what meals to throw into the package. Also, note that shelf-stable foods are foods that don’t need refrigeration. While they are indeed convenient because they don’t need a space in your refrigerator, they taste awful.

Slightly more expensive is the “Core Plan”, which is similar to the cheapest plan but allows you to choose the foods yourself. Still, it is all shelf-stable foods. Finally, there is the “Uniquely Yours Plan” that costs $515.37/month normally or $274.99 with auto-delivery. This is the only plan that includes shelf-stable and frozen foods. Nutrisystem provides several basic online tools, such as a food diary and weight log, but there is no face-to-face session.

Jenny Craig

The Meals and Foods
Jenny Craig’s menu is kind of limited, as there are only 80 items in it. Most of the meals are frozen foods. In addition, there are only five meals per day in the program. The foods don’t taste bad, but they are not exactly great either. Due to the lack of variety, you may sometimes get bored with Jenny Craig’s meals.

On the other hand, Nutrisystem possesses over 150 items in its menu, including all everyday foods that are given a diet twist to reduce their calories. Each of the diet plans provides five portioned meals per day plus snacks and deserts. As you can see, there are more meal options here, so you will not get bored easily. The users of Nutrisystem claim that most of the foods taste great. However, as mentioned above, many of these available items are shelf-stable foods.

You may have taken a note that Jenny Craig does not have any snack, whereas Nutrisystem has snacks and desserts. If you have been used to eating snacks in the afternoons and evenings, you will find Nutrisystem much more convenient and enjoyable. But, if you rarely eat snacks, you will find no problem following the Jenny Craig program.

For nutrition, both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem have managed to keep calories and sodium levels low. Limiting your calorie intake is essential to losing weight. However, both diet programs here actually have more-or-less similar calorie levels in their comparable meals. But the sodium levels of Nutrisystem’s meals tend to be a little bit higher than the ones in Jenny Craig’s meals.


Additional Features
We have mentioned above that Nutrisystem has no face-to-face session. Instead, there are online tools and apps to help you track your weight loss progress yourself. These online tools and apps are very easy and simple to use. On the other hand, Jenny Craig’s tracking services require you to visit their nearest local center. The basic plan gives you once per month telephone or online meeting, whereas the premium plan gives you unlimited, face-to-face sessions.

Since both diet programs here put strong emphasis in controlling your calorie intake, you can expect similar results from them. The users of both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are generally satisfied with their weight loss progress. You can lose 1 to 2 pounds per week with Jenny Craig. On Nutrisystem, you can lose about 1 to 3 pounds per week. You see, the difference is not very significant.

If you want to get guidance in real meeting sessions, you should choose Jenny Craig, as this is the primary advantage of the diet program. Otherwise, you may want to opt for Nutrisystem, which has better food varieties and better overall price.