iSatori Bio Gro Side Effects

In the following article, we are going to discuss about iSatori Bio Gro side effects. iSatori Bio Gro has become one of the hottest protein supplements on the market now. It is said to be very effective for developing lean muscles and improving your recovery rates on intense workouts. However, iSatori Bio Gro has been banned by the natural bodybuilding rules and regulations due to the colostrum content. So, is it really dangerous? Is it still suitable for the general users? Find out below!

What is iSatori Bio Gro?
iSatori Bio Gro is a protein supplement that is designed to amplify the body’s ability in producing natural proteins. The formula is specially designed to signal the body’s system and increase the rate of the natural protein synthesis process, so that the body can build lean muscles more efficiently and recover from intense workouts faster.

iSatori Bio Gro is a new kind of product in the market. Its complementary design, the bioactive peptides (BAP), is the first to exist in the sports nutrition market. So, it stands in its own category which is for muscle mass development.

iSatori Bio Gro comes in a powdered form. It is available in an unflavored version and also three flavored versions, which are cookies ‘n cream, chocolate ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. Surprisingly, the flavored versions are very good and tasty. A lot of people are happy with the flavored versions, but there are also fans of the unflavored product because they prefer to mix the powder into their foods without altering the taste.

The supplement comes in a 4.16-oz tube. It contains approximately 60 servings. Since you take two servings daily, one tube should be sufficient for about a month. However, different people may take bigger or smaller scoops, so it may sometimes last for less than a month.

Ingredient Profile
To understand about iSatori Bio Gro side effects, we need to first know about the ingredients used in the supplement. This protein supplement contains the Custom Engineered BIO-PRO Bio-Active Peptides, which is extracted from Micro-Concentrated Colostrum. It contains proline rich peptides, immunoglobulins, growth factors, lactoferrin, and fibroblast-GF. In addition, the supplement also uses sucralose, natural and artificial flavors, medium chain triglycerides, and sunflower lecithin.

iSatori Bio Gro is designed to work based on the technically-advanced low-molecular-weight proteins, which are micro-concentrated bioactive peptides (BAP). Such proteins are currently only found in iSatori Bio Gro. It is aimed to implement a superb a physiological effect when consumed. The BAP components will then enhance the body’s protein synthesis rate.

How to Use iSatori Bio Gro
In order to avoid any possible side effect, it is very important to follow the instructions and consume the supplement according to the recommendations. Nevertheless, according to the manufacturer, iSatori Bio Gro is safe to be consumed by anyone interested in developing and maintaining lean body mass as well as for those who want to improve their recovery and performance on exercises and sports.

iSatori Bio Gro is actually suitable for bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness figures. However, keep in mind that this supplement is banned by the natural bodybuilding rules and regulations due to the colostrum content.

To use iSatori Bio Gro, mix one level scoop of the powder with 3 – 4 oz liquid, then agitate or blend it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also mix the powder into a soft food such as oatmeal or yoghurt. You should take two servings daily. One serving should be taken before, during, or after your workout for the best effects and results.

What is Colostrum?
It is said that iSatori Bio Gro is banned because of the colostrum content. So, what is colostrum, exactly? Colostrum is actually a form of milk that is produced by mammals during pregnancy – it is usually produced just before giving birth. Colostrum contains antibodies and higher protein levels than those found in regular milk. Colostrum is a very concentrated low-volume form of milk.

Colostrum is not banned in most sports, but it has the potential to be so. It has been banned in natural bodybuilding, mostly because of its potent power in accelerating muscle development. It is also known for its ability to enhance recovery rate, tissue healing, and immunity. The only possible side effect of colostrum is increased bowel movements. By the way, people who are allergic to dairy products and lactose should also avoid colostrum, as they are very similar.

Possible Allergy Reaction
The first possible iSatori Bio Gro side effects are allergy reactions towards the colostrum content. This is possible if you are allergic to milk or lactose. Colostrum is basically a concentrated form of milk, so it may also cause an allergy reaction on people who are allergic to the substance.

An allergy reaction to colostrum has similar symptoms as milk or lactose allergy. The symptoms may range from mild to severe, depending on the amount that you consume and your conditions. Symptoms like wheezing, hives, and vomiting usually come up quickly, whereas other symptoms like abdominal pain, skin rash, loose stool, diarrhea, coughing, and runny nose usually come up later.

A rare yet possibly lethal reaction is anaphylactic shock, indicated by a sudden drop of blood pressure and narrowing airways. Stop using iSatori Bio Gro if you experience such symptoms and seek an immediate medical help.

Stomach or Digestion Problems
The next possible iSatori Bio Gro side effects are stomach or digestion problems. Just like most protein supplements, iSatori Bio Gro may cause problems like gas, bloating, or diarrhea. This is because of the high protein content. People who usually consume low amounts of protein tend to be more prone to such side effects, because their digestive systems need to adjust to the sudden increase of nutrient intake.

iSatori Bio Gro is generally a great supplement for developing lean muscles and improving recovery rate. It is only banned in natural bodybuilding because the colostrum content causes a rapid increase in muscle development. However, iSatori Bio Gro does have possible side effects. The supplement may cause an allergy reaction if you are allergic to milk or lactose, and it may also cause some stomach problems.