IdealShape vs Isagenix

In order to live healthier and control their body weight, people have started to regularly consume meal replacement shakes. These shakes can help you burn fats and reduce your appetite, effectively controlling your body’s calorie absorption to prevent unwanted body mass. Right now, there are two meal replacement shakes that have caused some debate; they are IdealShape’s IdealShake and Isagenix’s IsaLean. They are both popular items on the market. The IdealShape’s shake has become the choice of many because of the more affordable price and great taste. On the other hand, the Isagenix’s shake is preferred because it is said to be very effective for weight loss purposes. Which one should you choose?

IdealShape vs Isagenix

Let us start by comparing the ingredients. IdealShape is indeed cheaper than Isagenix. One of the reasons behind the lower price tag is the lower nutrient contents. Compared to Isagenix, IdealShape has less dietary fiber, protein, sodium, and potassium. Indeed, the total carb and calories are also lower, which can be bad if you want to consume the shake as a non-weight-inducing source of energy prior to a heavy workout or activity. Nevertheless, both products are gluten-free. They don’t contain any gluten, meaning that they are safe for people who are sensitive or allergic to the substance. However, some people are concerned by IdealShape’s artificial sweetener, sucralose. This substance indeed makes the shake taste very good, but it is bad for the digestion system as it can kill good bacteria and increase the pH level in the intestines. Isagenix does not use such artificial sweetener.


Appetite Blocker
In limiting your appetite, Isagenix is more likely to work more effectively than IdealShape. This is because of the higher fiber content. By containing more fiber, it will fill the digestion tract more, thus preventing you from getting hungry any soon.

This is perhaps the strength of IdealShape. Many people especially love the chocolate flavor and vanilla flavor. There are 14 flavor choices in total. The shake tastes very pleasant and has a good texture. On the other hand, Isagenix has fewer flavor choices. Some people think that the vanilla flavor is a little bit too sweet.


In the end, we recommend you to choose Isagenix over IdealShape because it has better nutrient contents without the sucralose artificial sweetener. The higher fiber content also ultimately allows better appetite control.