Hydroxycut vs Xenadrine

Are you finding difficulties in choosing between Hydroxycut and Xenadrine? Well, no worries, you are not alone. These two weight-loss supplements are indeed quite similar to each other. They are also being priced almost similarly, though Xenadrine is usually a little bit cheaper than Hydroxycut. They each also has a considerable number of positive reviews on the market. So, which product should you get to aid you in your battle for a reduced weight? Read on to find out! (FYI, Hydroxycut vs Lipo 6)

Xenadrine Vs Hydroxycut

Either this helps you or makes you even more confused, but you need to know that both Hydroxycut and Xenadrine are claimed to deliver similar features. They are primarily being used to help people lose weight. However, in addition, they also claim to be able to provide increased sensory and energy levels by increasing the thermogenesis rate of the body.


The Claims
Both products are very confident on the market as they each has been supported by a scientific research about each’s primary ingredient. However, as they use the same primary ingredient, they seem to use the same research as their basis of claims. The research states that people who regularly consume their primary ingredient, C. canephora robusta, were able to reduce up to 10.9 lbs of weight within 60 days, while in a separate 8-week study, people who consume it were able to reduce up to 3.7 lbs of weight.

The Ingredients
As briefly mentioned before, Hydroxycut and Xenadrine both use the same primary active ingredient, which is the green coffee bean extract derived from C. canephora robusta alias Robusta Coffee. No wonder that they deliver similar effects – and priced almost similarly, too.


However, you need to know that they contain different amount of caffeine. Green coffee bean extract is primarily used to acquire the effects of the chemical substance contained within – caffeine. Hydroxycut contains quite more caffeine than Xenadrine. Hydroxycut contains around 250mg of caffeine, while Xenadrine only possesses around 200mg of caffeine. So, we can say that Hydroxycut is more potent than Xenadrine.

User Reports
After carefully browsing through the Internet, we can conclude that many users who have consumed both Hydroxycut and Xenadrine confirm that Hydroxycut is more potent than Xenadrine. While there are a number of users who managed to reduce some weight with Xenadrine, some others who do not get any luck from Xenadrine said that Hydroxycut delivers more noticeable results. Also, there are some users who said that Hydroxycut seems to have less negative side effects than Xenadrine. This may be caused by the different additional ingredients of the products.

As the price difference is not so large, we recommend you to choose Hydroxycut instead of Xenadrine. Due to the higher amount of caffeine, it is more potent in reducing your weight. Nevertheless, keep an eye on your daily caffeine intake – do not exceed the healthy limit!

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