Hydroxycut vs Lipozene

People can say that reducing your food intake and exercising are the essential things for weight loss, but they have no idea how difficult it is. Fortunately, there are dietary supplements that are specifically designed to help you lose weight, such as Lipozene vs Hydroxycut. These supplements can either reduce your cravings or enhance your fat burning process.

Below, you can learn more about:

  • What Lipozene and Hydroxycut are
  • The formula and ingredients of each supplement
  • The benefits and effectiveness of Lipozene vs Hydroxycut
  • The potential side effects of each supplement
  • Which supplement that is more recommended for weight loss

Lipozene: Overview
Lipozene is a simple yet highly effective weight loss supplement which has only one ingredient, which is glucomannan that is acquired from konjac root. To put it simply, Lipozene is a simple dietary fiber supplement. Lipozene works exactly just like any other dietary fiber supplement, which is by filling your stomach without adding calories.

Lipozene is a dietary fiber supplement which contains konjac root.

Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the stomach of a human. However, dietary fiber has lots of important effects and benefits for your health. First, it can help weight loss by filling the stomach without adding calories, so that you will not feel hungry too quickly. It will expand after absorbing some water in the digestive tract. Second, it optimizes the digestion process by slowing the pace down. Third, it promotes the digestive health.

Howsoever, Lipozene is not a magical pill. It can help in reducing your cravings and hunger intensity, but it will not make your burn more fat or increase your metabolism. You still hold the responsibility on controlling your caloric intake and exercising in order to shed some pounds.

More often than not, the solution for a problem is simpler than you think. This is the case with Lipozene. Although it ‘only’ controls your cravings and hunger, it has received lots of positive reviews for its effectiveness. But Lipozene is not suitable for everybody, as you’ll read more below.

Lipozene: Formula Ingredients
The single ingredient in Lipozene is konjac root (Amorphophalluskonjac). It is recommended that you take one serving (2 capsules) about 30 minutes before a meal. You can take the supplement up to three times per day. Just don’t forget to drink at least 8 oz water every after taking a serving to ensure that you properly swallow the capsules.

Each serving contains about 1,500 mg of konjac root, which is quite a high dosage.

Each serving contains about 1,500 mg of konjac root, so every capsule contains approximately 750 mg of the ingredient. This is quite a high dosage, but not really dangerous. There are just some potential side effects due to the high fiber content.

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber that is soluble in water. It is contained in konjac root, and it comprises about 40% of the dry weight of the ingredient. It has been used in various traditional foods and herbal mixtures, such as in noodles, tofu, and jellies. It is also used in modern foods as a food additive; it acts as a thickener and an emulsifier.

Glucomannan has an impressive ability in absorbing water. According to the manufacturer of Lipozene, the fiber content in the supplement can absorb water of up to 200 times of its own size. It can absorb so much water, that if you pour the content of the capsule into a glass of water, the entire thing will turn into a gel. Such impressive ability allows glucomannan to be an effective appetite blocker, as it fully fills the digestive tract.

Lipozene: Benefits and Effectiveness
There are three claims that are clearly written on the product’s bottle. Lipozene is said to be clinically proven to be safe and effective, helpful for reducing weight, and helpful for reducing body fat. All of these claims make sense if we consider how the fiber works in the digestive system.

There are indeed some scientific studies that support Lipozene vs Hydroxycut. The results say that Lipozene is effective for helping in weight loss. Lipozene can make you feel full longer, thereby reducing your cravings and hunger intensity.

Lipozene can reduce your cravings and hunger, but it will not boost your energy or mental alert.

However, these studies have also been criticized due to the low sample counts and the limited exposure. The supplement was tested only on women who experience obesity. So, one can’t say for sure that the weight loss effect will be the same for men and for those who are not obese.

Nevertheless, you can expect to feel reduced cravings and hunger. You will find it easier to reduce the portions of your meals. This way, you can reduce your caloric intake and create a significant caloric deficit. By exercising regularly, you can burn down the accumulated fat and body weight. Without accompanying Lipozene with changes in your eating habits and exercise regime, you will not get any benefit.

But you should not expect dramatic changes. The appetite blocking effect is rather subtle. If the reason behind your binge-eating habits is psychological, for example you have an‘addiction’ to certain snacks or stress, Lipozene will only do so much. Lipozene also won’t increase your energy or concentration. In fact, if you reduce your caloric intake, you may experience more fatigue as you go through the day.

Lipozene: Potential Side Effects
Lipozene is generally safe to use. Konjac root and glucomannan do not usually cause harmful side effects. However, some people may be allergicorhypersensitive to konjac root or glucomannan – cases of respiratory sensitization and asthma due to konjac root and glucomannan have been reported. Make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredient before consuming the supplement.

Lipozene should be taken with at least 8 oz of water to prevent blockage.

If you don’t usually consume high fiber intake, Lipozene may cause stomach issues. This is because your body hasn’t adjusted itself to the sudden increase of fiber. The potential issues include gas, bloating flatulence, loose stools, and diarrhea. To avoid such problems, you should increase your fiber intake gradually. For example, start with just one capsule instead of taking the full dosage right away.

Finally, it is highly important to take Lipozene with enough water which is about 8 oz. This is to ensure that the capsules are swallowed properly before the fiber absorbs enough water to swell. Otherwise, if you don’t drink enough water, Lipozene may cause a blockage in the esophagus, throat, or intestine.  The blockage may be life-threatening and require a surgical removal. So, drink enough water.

Hydroxycut: Overview
Hydroxycut is a brand of weight loss and fat burner supplements. Since the introduction in 2002, there have been several different versions of Hydroxycut, such as Hardcore, Hardcore Elite, and Max For Women. The formulas of those versions are also slightly different. What remains similar across those versions is the fact that they are all fat burner supplements.

Hydroxycut supplements are super strong. They usually contain very high amounts of caffeine. In fact, caffeine is almost always the core ingredient. It is further supported by a handful of select ingredients to support the fat burning and weight loss effects.

Hydroxicut is a fat-burning weight loss supplement that is super strong.

Below, we will focus more on the regular version of Hydroxycut, which is already quite intense. A dose of Hydroxycut can significantly pump up your metabolism, energy, and concentration. This is fine if your heart can handle it. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, you probably should stay away from this product. The potential side effects are quite annoying and even dangerous if your body can’t handle the potent ingredients.

Hydroxycut: Formula Ingredients
Hydroxycut is more of a fat burner for weight loss. The primary ingredient in Hydroxycut is caffeine, which is pretty much also used in many other fat-burning weight loss supplements. It is a favorite pre-workout substance that is consumed by many gym-goers, weight lifters, and athletes.

Regarding the clinical evidence, there are various studies that have proven the metabolism-boosting effects of caffeine. By increasing the metabolism rate, caffeine can make your body burn more fat and produce more energy. The results from these studies show that caffeine can increase metabolism rate by 3–11% and enhance fat burning by 10–29%. Keep in mind that such short-term effects are only temporary.

Caffeine is also known to be able to suppress the appetite to some degree. Hence, caffeine has a great clinical reputation in supplementing weight loss, especially for those with active lifestyle. Hydroxycut also contains coffee bean extract, which is also a source of caffeine.

The core ingredient of Hydroxycut is caffeine. It also contains komijin extract, lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, wild mint extract, and vitamin C.

However, caffeine is not the only active ingredient in Hydroxycut. According to Healthline, this supplement also contains four other active ingredients, which are komijin extract, lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, and wild mint extract. These four active ingredients have passed a clinical trial, which was performed on chickens and rats. The four active ingredients can significantly increase the metabolism rates of chickens and rats.

There are minor ingredients, such as vitamin C and calcium. Vitamin C is also known to be able to aid in weight loss, albeit with a smaller significance. Vitamin C can help to break down and metabolize fat. It also helps in regulating your blood sugar levels.

Hydroxycut: Benefits and Effectiveness
Lipozene vs Hydroxycuthas received lots of positive reviews because it is truly effective. After consuming Hydroxycut, you can actually feel your power and energy boosted. You want to use the increased power and energy for some workout or an intense physical activity; otherwise, your muscles will be tingling throughout the day.

Hydroxycut is effective in enhancing your metabolism and boosting your energy and mental performance, so that you can work out harder.

By enhancing your power and energy, you can work out harder and burn more calories. Burning more calories than you eat will eventually lead to weight loss. It is also beneficial for forming lean muscles and bringing various health benefits, such as good heart rate and blood pressure, strong immunity, reduced stress, and improved mental focus.

Users who consume Hydroxycut also have also reported increased alertness, mental focus, and wakefulness. Of course, such effects on your mental states come from the stimulating properties of caffeine and the other active ingredients. These effects are also helpful in increasing your workout performance.

However, consuming Hydroxycut without a healthy diet and working out will not give the best results. You probably will still lose a few pounds, but the results won’t be significant. You need to make sure that your body consumes healthy nutrients. Make sure that your caloric intake is not excessive. Creating some caloric deficit is essential for weight loss. Working out can help you create more caloric deficit.

Hydroxycut: Potential Side Effects
Although Lipozene vs Hydroxy cut seems to be really great, you should be very careful with the potential side effects. Hydroxycut contains very high amounts of caffeine and ingredients with stimulating properties. If consumed continuously for a long period of time, these ingredients may cause some form of addiction and damage the nervous system.

Hydroxycut contains very high levels of caffeine and stimulants. It may cause side effects such as tingling, increased heart rate and blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, and stomach issues.

In 2009, the FDA released more than 20 reports on the safety concerns of Hydroxycut. The old formula’s ingredients may cause liver toxicity. However, Hydroxycut has changed their formula, and it is now deemed a lot safer than before. But this does not mean than it is now free from possible side effects. There are still several things that you need to consider before you start consuming this supplement.

People who are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants should stay away from Hydroxycut. The incredibly high caffeine content may cause adverse side effects on such people, such as increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, headaches, tremor, anxiety, and insomnia. Hydroxycut is also not suitable for people with stomach issues, as the high levels of caffeine and vitamin C may cause digestive issues.

Many users say that they experience some side effects, but they can withstand these side effects in order to gain the benefits of Hydroxycut. The common side effects include tingling and increased heart rate. It is mentioned that the Hydroxycut supplement should not be taken in the evening. The high caffeine content may cause insomnia.

Hydroxycut vs Lipozene

- Enhances metabolism, increases fat burning, and blocks appetite- Works as an appetite blocker
- Uses caffeine, coffee bean extract, komijin extract, lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, and wild mint extract- Contains konjac root, which is a source of the glucomannan fiber
- Increases your energy and mental focus- Does not increase energy and mental focus
- Relatively more risky with more potential side effects- Relatively less risky


Lipozene vs Hydroxycut have different advantages and disadvantages. If you feel more comfortable with a dietary supplement that does not mess with your metabolism or nervous system, Lipozene is more recommended. Lipozene ‘only’ provides fiber to fill your stomach to reduce your cravings and hunger. However, if you prefer a fat-burning supplement that can boost your energy, endurance, and mental prowess, Hydroxycut is the way to go. Keep in mind that Hydroxycut is very potent, and it may be unsuitable for some people.

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