Hydroxycut Active Ingredients

Hydroxycut is a brand name for diet pills that do not contain ephedra. Before FDA banned the ephedra and all products containing this chemical, Hydroxycut ingredients were based on herbal ephedra cocktail, which was composed of ma huang, white willow bark, guarana and hydroxy citric acid (which is thought to be carb-blocker), l-carnithine (which is believed to be an amino acid that stimulates fat burning) and chromium (which helps regulate insulin levels and helps in balancing blood sugar levels).


Today, Hydroxycut has new components as Ephedra was removed and replaced with other ingredients like:

  • Hydroxagen Plus : Its dominant ingredient in Hydroxycut’s formula are: a muscle tech combination made of Alpha Lipoic Acid (known to moderate blood sugar), Garcinia Cambogia Extract (the active ingredient in Hydroxy Nitrate Acid that blocks carbohydrates), Glucomannan (a source of fiber), l-Carnithine (a stimulant of fat burning) and extract of willow bark.


  • Hydroxy Tea : Another combination of muscle tech, which is composed of Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract, and caffeine around 200 mg. The presence of Green Tea Extracts accelerates the metabolism, balances the glucose levels and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Chromium, Potassium, and Calcium : Chromium is present since it regulates insulin levels and helps balance the blood sugar levels. Calcium is also associated with weight loss.


The presence of hydroxy nitrate acid which is Hydroxycut’s main ingredient, makes this pill a carbohydrate blocker because that is exactly what hydroxy nitrate acid is all about. However, it also has other effects such as to suppress appetite and speed up metabolism.

Researchers advised against relying solely on diet pills to achieve legitimate weight loss results. According to them herbal ingredients in supplements simply lack the concrete scientific evidence to back their claims. To be effective in weight loss, exercises and well-balanced meals must be strictly followed together with drinking lots of water.

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