GNC Total Lean Shake vs Herbalife

Want to have a healthy and slender body? If yes then you can try many methods to achieve that. The usual method is by going through a lot of exercise or diet. But you can excel your purpose without putting too much effort in it. It is because of nowadays technology which enables us to produce weight loss supplement such like GNC Total Lean Shake or Herbalife. Both supplements contain varieties of contents in it. GNC Total Lean Shake works as the meal replacement shakes and protein powder which will excel your muscle growth. You can also use GNC as the weight loss product which will work perfectly for you who wants a lean and toned body. On the other hand, Herbalife is also a weight loss supplement, but it has a unique feature in its ingredient which uses the herbal ingredients. And as you know the herbal ingredients is less harmful than the chemical one. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see more below.

GNC Total Lean Shake vs Herbalife

GNC Total Lean Shake is more dependable if used as the weight loss product rather than the muscle growth supplement. It is all because of its contents which include about 21 vitamins and minerals which are best for diet balance. The taste of GNC itself is quite bad, but as you know, it is quite understandable as not many shakes are tasty in your mouth. The importance of having shakes is about is quality, the taste factor is probably just for the eatable or not factor. So to put it clear, the taste is bad but still eatable.The taste itself is creamy with chalky after taste and bad consistency in the mouth. On the other side, Herbalife is not that good either. It has a watery and bitter aftertaste. The bitter taste comes from its herbal ingredients which are known for their bitterness. (See also: Herbalife Liftoff vs Red Bull)

GNC Total Lean Shake

The most important thing in consuming a supplement is in its performance. To accomplish something you need to feel some pain, but if the result is good, then it is worth the pain. In this case, GNC is pretty decent in its performance. You can use it nonchalantly as the meal replacement. You will feel full even if you eat less. The protein you get is also tremendous; you get about 9-gram protein in one consumption. The ingredients of GNC itself are mostly designed for the diet purpose as it has low sugar and low-calorie contents. On the other hand, Herbalife also works in a similar way like GNC. It is used as the meal replacement which offers a lot of protein and other healthy nutrients. The benefits of using Herbalife is about its health standard. You can use its healthy approach to prevent yourself from getting sick.


Both products offer a similar approach in their products, but both also have differences which make them special compared to others. GNC is best used for weight loss purpose; this ability is supported by its ingredients which suit perfectly for this goal. On the other side, Herbalife is intended for the weight loss but with more herbal and healthy approach. So be right to choose which products fits you the best.

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