Gluten Free vs Vegan

You certainly already know that there is some flow of the diet much embraced by people all over the world. You probably already know about gluten free diets and diet vegan. Both might be a little different, but let’s see what makes them different to compare the characteristics and type of these diet on the following below.

Gluten Free vs Vegan

Gluten free
First we will discuss about gluten itself. What is gluten anyway? Maybe if called grain (Wheat, barley, Rye) will be easier to understand. Well, the gluten is a protein found in wheat-wheat types-an, the types of foods that are rich in fiber and protein. Products with high levels of gluten can be slow metabolic processes to make sense of satiety for longer. But for people with Celiac disease, they have a response body that is sensitive to some kinds of nutrients are absorbed by the body hard normal people, are particularly sensitive to gluten and types of nutrients would be very dangerous if they consume food containing gluten.

One way to handle it is to do a Gluten-Free Diet i.e. avoid the kind of food/drinks contain gluten such as various kinds of flour-starchy Staples, food processes such as various kinds of bread (especially the bread wheat), oats-oatmeal, even fried potatoes also contain gluten. Kinds of good food for a Gluten-Free Diet is a type of natural foods that are not or slightly through the process include fish, chicken, fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and any type of food that does not contain gluten. But be careful, when it sold a wide variety of foods labeled “gluten-free food” is usually in the form of a wide range of foods such as pastries, biscuit dessert and so on, but instead contain high calories and fat, so it’s quite dangerous for the health of our body.

Gluten Free

The vegan diet is a type of vegetarian diet that does not consume meat, eggs, dairy products and animal-derived products. As well as many people who are not vegan diet eating food that is processed using animal products. Vegan diet includes all grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits as well as an unlimited amount in combining all of these food products. It’s been a lot of food products like hot dogs, ice cream, cheese or mayonaise that is earmarked for the vegans. There is no right and wrong way of doing this diet, but the first step is to begin gradually reducing the eating of meat, eggs and milk. Later the body will get used to not consume animal foods. Adherents generally Vegan often do not get enough calcium, which can cause the bone is weak and easily broken (according to a study published in Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in 2010).

And in a report about the diet effects of vegan for health published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009, researchers warn that vegans often do not get enough vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and zinc. They also often have modesty fatty acids EPA and DHA, which is very important for the function of the brain, eyes, and heart health. Thus, the addition of a supplement to the nutrients mentioned above may be needed if you adhere to vegan. If this diet done right, then someone will get more calories from consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains also so the calories used to do physical activity could be available.


Both of these diet is having similarities in avoiding some foods which is based on the tittle. Gluten free avoids gluten and vegan diet avoids all food except vegetables and fruits. However, the differences are contrast enough as you can see the reviews, people with Gluten Free Diet usually have a disease that makes them must take Gluten Free diet. Vegan Diet is a choice for them who avoid consuming meat.

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