Forskolin vs Forskohlii

With various researches performed, finally, there are two new types of weight loss diet supplements coming into the market, Forskolin and Forskohlii. Of course, the two seem to be too similar to each other. Some people tend to consider them as the same things, while some others question if Forskolin and Forskohlii supplements are different or not. In fact, Forskolin and Forskohlii are different. So, what are the differences? Which one is more effective to help you lose weight? (Please read also: Forskolin vs Garcinia Cambogia)

Forskolin vs Forskohlii

The primary difference between Forskolin and Forskohlii is that one is a chemical substance while the other refers to a plant. Forskohlii refers to Coleus forskohlii, alias Plectranthus barbatus, a tropical perennial plant that is popular as an ingredient for various medicines and remedies. Forskolin is one of the chemical substance contained in Coleus forskohlii.

Coleus forskohlii is believed to hold numerous health benefits due to containing various chemical substances, including Forskolin, Forskoditerpenoside series (A, C, D, E), (16S)-Coleon E, 4beta,7beta,11-enantioeudesmantriol, Rosmarinic Acid, 7-O-Glucuronide, Luteolin, Oleanolic Acid, Betulinic acid, and Beta-sitosterol. Coleus forskohlii is used to treat convulsions, heart disease, spasmodic pain, painful urination, as well as to alleviate digestive problems and to absorb excessive fat content in food.


Forskolin is the chemical substance responsible for dietary effects. Forskolin is a labdane diterpene that is able to increase fat burning activity within the body as well as suppressing appetite. It is also widely used in products targeting blood pressure, digestion, and testosterone levels. Forskolin is very effective because it is able to directly and rapidly stimulate the adenylyl cyclase enzyme, so then the concentration of the cAMP molecules in cells is increased. cAMP molecules are involved in a lot of cellular functions, so, increased amount of cAMP means increased cellular activity, which requires energy. In short, Forskolin indirectly increases the metabolism rate of your body so that your body’s fat will be broken down into energy.


In general, the recommended dose of both Forskolin and Forskohlii products are based on the concentration of the contained Forskolin. It is said that the most optimal dose is 250mg of 10% forskolin twice per day.

So, in choosing between Forskolin and Forskohlii supplements, you need to put your primary aims into account. If you want a supplement that only focuses on weight-loss effects, then you should choose a Forskolin supplement. If losing weight is not your primary goal, and you want a health supplement that has more general effects, then choose a Forskohlii supplement.

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