Fenfast 375 vs Phentermine

Are you wondering if you should take Fenfast 375 or Phentermine? Well, for your information, Fenfast 375 is a weight-loss supplement that can be acquired quite easily from the market. On the other hand, Phentermine is a prescribed drug, which is also designed to aid you lose some weight, but need a prescription from a doctor to be acquired. So, which is the one product that is best for you? Let us see.

Fenfast 375 vs Phentermine

Phentermine, the short for phenyl-tertiary-butylamine, is a prescribed psychostimulant drug that is similar to amphetamine. It is used as an appetite suppressant, with minor direct effects to the breaking of the accumulated fats in the body. Medically prescribed as a diet pill, as it only reduces your tendency to eat, it needs to be accompanied by a combination of some workouts and exercises and healthy eating.

Phentermine works by releasing norepinephrine, also a little of dopamine and serotonin, into the neuron system, hence effectively reducing the hunger perception of the user. Outside the brain, Phentermine also releases noradrenaline and adrenaline, causing fat cells to break down the stored fats as well, though not so significantly. Side effects may include xerostomia, restlessness, agitation, hypertension, headaches, and unpleasant taste.

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Fenfast 375
Fenfast 375 is quite a popular product for treating overweight and obesity that can be acquired easily from the market. It claims to be able to significantly suppress your appetite, also to provide extreme energy and rapid fat burning. It combines a number of ingredients in order to deliver the claimed effects. The active ingredients include Beta Phenylethylamine HCl, Caffeine Anhydrous, Hordenine HCl and L-Theanine.

Fenfast 375

It contains around 200mg of caffeine. Caffeine has been scientifically proven to deliver noticeable weight-loss effects. In addition to limiting your appetite to some degree, caffeine also inhibits the enzymes and genes that are involved in lipid synthesis, thus preventing your body from building more fats. Caffeine also typically increases the thermogenesis rate of the body significantly, causing the accumulated fats to be broken down and converted into energy. Hence the increased energy levels. However, Fenfast 375 can also cause some side effects, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. The side effects may include insomnia, jittery feeling, and headaches.

Bottom Lines
In general, Fenfast 375 can be more potent than Phentermine, especially if you plan to do consistent workouts and exercises. The increased energy levels can help you train more. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, then Phentermine can be an alternative.

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