Fat Gripz vs Iron Bull Grips

training is a science that has been proven over and over again. Essentially a thick bar moves the stress from the joints to the muscles by spreading the weight over a larger area of the hand. Also, the weight is spread evenly over each muscle group in the hand hence avoids imbalances that lead to injury and extreme soreness. Fat Gripz and Iron Bull are two products in the market that give a person the advantage of thick bar training at an affordable price and one’s convenience since they are both portable. This article is aimed at comparing Fat Gripz vs Iron Bull in an attempt to educate on which is best for any given individual or situation.


Fat Gripz are rubber grips made from sturdy grade material that is durable and very comfortable to hold on to. Often royal blue in color they have a slit on one side that allows then to easily latch onto equipment in the gym for example barbells, dumbbells and lifts like the bench press. (Read also : Fat Gripz vs Fat Gripz Extreme)


Benefits of Fat Gripz
1. Small and light.
2. Affordable at $39
3. Have a solid feel

Iron bull grips are equally made from high-density sturdy material. There is, however, a slight difference in that iron bulls have a rounder shape with more engraved lines for fingertips to grasp.


Benefits of Iron Bull
1. Steady grip due to texture
2. Wide selection of diameter size to fit all hand sizes
3. Retails at $50-$55

Both of these grips provide multiple benefits in any given workout. They:
-Enhance muscle activation for stronger musles.
-Help prevent injury and soreness
-Allow for stronger wrists, joints and forearms.

The Fat Gripz vs Iron Bull Grips is a continuous debate. Fat Gripz are slightly cheaper than iron bull. On the other hand, most people in the fitness circuit agree that iron bull has a steadier Gripz than Fat Gripz. Ultimately the decision over one or the other is a personal decision based on taste since on any scale they both rate as equally effective.

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