Fat Gripz vs Grip4orce

In the gym, it is commonplace to find people using their towels on equipment to improve the diameter of the grip. This improves the grip training while doing normal bodywork. However, you can achieve better results using either Fat Gripz or Grip4orce. Both are effective alternatives to the old towel and they offer an extra workout for those who want better grip. Fat Gripz vs Grip4orce, which is better at improving your grip in a normal gym environment.


Both products are wrapped around normal gym equipment. However, the main difference is how the two are wrapped. The Fat Gripz completely wraps around the equipment offering a wider diameter of the grip you use. It is well attached and may be problematic for beginners to remove. On the other hand, the Grip4orce leaves an opening that is supposed to be at the top. There is a large number of people who like the opening, but it does create an unnecessary risk of injury. When fatigued it is quite easy to loosen your grip, and the weights may swing awkwardly. (Read also: Fat Gripz vs Iron Bull Grips)


Another comparison point is the compatibility with different gym equipment. Both are equally easy to wrap around the pull-up bar, dumbbells, and the push-up bar. However, both products have a problem with curved handles. This is more pronounced on the Grip4orce because of the allowance that is left. It feels a lot more awkward, and it is easier to slip on such handles. The Fat Gripz are also somewhat thicker than the Grip4orce providing a greater workout.


When choosing between Fat Gripz vs Grip4orce, the best would be the Fat Gripz mainly because it is very safe for both professionals and beginners at the gym. Even though removing the Fat Gripz after a workout is harder than removing the Grip4orce, this is not a sufficient reason to risk serious injury. The goal is to increase the diameter as much as possible without adding unnecessary risk. The clear winner is Fat Gripz.

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