EAS Myoplex vs Muscle Milk

For any fitness aspirant, protein consumption is a must. Protein eliminates fat and improves muscle mass. Conventional protein sources such as fish or meat are time-consuming. Some nice alternatives are protein supplements like EAS Myoplex, muscle milk etc…You should consult a doctor before using these protein-rich supplements. Nevertheless, we would be discussing which protein supplement is a better alternative to conventional protein sources. Gear up for a little EAS Myoplex vs Muscle Milk discussion.


Usage, flavor and calorie count are aspects that matters in day to day consumption. Myoplex can be used within 30 minutes, following the workouts. However, muscle milk can be used before workouts and before bedtime. EAS Myoplex comes with six different flavors, whereas muscle milk comes with a whooping 20 different flavors. Both Myoplex and Muscle Milk offers more or less, the same amount of calories. Myoplex and Muscle Milk offers 300 and 310 calories per serving respectively.


Protein rich supplements aren’t composed of 100% protein. In its composition, there are fats, fiber and carbohydrates too. Myoplex offers 42g of protein per serving compared to muscle milk’s 32g. Muscle milk has 12g of fat per serving , while Myoplex has only 7g. Both supplements offer a little more than 18g of carbohydrates in one serving. Myoplex offers 6 g of fiber per serving while muscle milk offers 5 g of fiber per serving.


For daily usage flavors mean a lot. Muscle milk hold the aces in that regards with myriad flavor options. It can be consumed before bedtime, which is convenient for day to day usage. Myoplex on the order hand, made its composition its forte. It has less calories, less fat, more fiber and importantly, more proteins. Anyone in need of quick body toning, would prefer such a combo. The winner of EAS Myoplex vs Muscle Milk debate, depends on the consumer. Whatever his/her preferences are, determines their choice.

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