Designer Whey vs Shakeology

There’s time when you start to realize how your body shape is important. Then you probably start to do some exercise and going to the gym rapidly. But after a lot of sweating and hardworking why do our body still the same like before? The answer is simple; you need the muscle supplement or popular known as the shakes. There’s roughly a good shake out there; many are containing terrible contents which can affect your future health. That’s why when people come to choose their shakes they tend to choose the one which is made with natural ingredients, one of them is whey. It has been popular that whey material can help you to build your muscle which is why Designer Whey uses whey as their main ingredient. Designer Whey works like other shakes, but it has a specialty in its taste and quality which makes it special from the other. On the other hand, the second product is the Shakeology, Shakeology is a powerful superfood formula designed to give your body the perfect combination between nutrient which then will give you the addition of energy. Shakeology is a little different than the Designer Whey. Shakeology is more into the health factor rather than the protein and muscle booster. So if you are interested in these both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Designer Whey vs Shakeology

The Shakeology is made from plenty ingredients, about seventy in total. Its ingredients are coming from all around the world including the super-proteins, superfruits, antioxidants, super greens, nine adaptogen herbs, phytonutrients, etc. Most of these ingredients are the artificial one which makes us wonder if the chemical contents in it can harm us or not. But most of these ingredients have good functions like the digestive enzymes which refined our digestive organs or the antioxidants which are important for human. On the opposite, Designer Whey also has promising ingredients in it. Though its main ingredient is the whey protein. However if we compare it with Shakeology, the contents seem to lack, but it seems that Designer Whey takes place as more natural shakes which contain no artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial color. It is also free from sugar which is a good sign for you who scared of artificial sweetener. (Read also: Carnation Instant Breakfast vs Shakeology)

Designer Whey

Designer Whey is the suitable product for you who wants to build your muscle but avoiding the over-muscled body. You can get a lean and toned body which will affect your daily appearance as well. Unlike other shakes which offer a gigantic boost for your muscle, Designer Whey works as the alternative shake which contains no sugar and just 110 calories, fit perfectly for your daily consumption. The other factor like its taste is also what makes the Designer Whey popular. The taste is so much better than the common shake which makes enable you to exchange your meal with this shake. On the other hand, Shakeology works perfectly for your health supplement. It adds up nutritious contents which deliver you more strength than ever. It is also good for digestion and perfect for you who want to have complete daily nutrients. This nutrition will increase your immune system which makes it perfect product in preventing the diseases.


In overall both products is well-made products which offer different functions. Designer Whey is perfect for you who wants to build and lean and toned muscle, whereas Shakeology works better as the supplement which provides multiple nutrients. So, it is better to adjust your goal first before buying these products.

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