Citrucel vs Psyllium

Whether the current Ladies are in the diet program? Whether the Ladies also consume dietary supplements? Make sure you know the difference of each component products dietary supplements so that Ladies can choose based on your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask a pharmacist in a drugstore nearby. Don’t forget to consider the health condition of the body as some dietary supplements may not work well on your body. Between Citrucel vs. Psyllium which would you guys choose?

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Product Description of Citrucel

Citrucel bulk-forming laxative that is present in the material of powder and capsules. Mass-forming laxatives attract water to make soft stools, indigestion and is easily bypassed. Citrucel is usually not habit forming, so used to relieve constipation and maintain healthy bowel patterns are regular. Citrucel specifically made to cope with the indication of the treatment for constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. Citrucel is used in the treatment, control, prevention and remediation of diseases, conditions and symptoms of the disease because one of its functions that can absorb water in the gastrointestinal lumen which increases the stool bulk. Citrucel incorrectly use to lose weight can cause problems, according to the National Eating Disorder Association. If you want to slim down, talk with a doctor about diet and exercise plan tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of Citrucel

Citrucel improves the condition of patients by performing the following functions:
· Absorbs water in the gastrointestinal lumen which increases the stool bulk
· It can kill bacterias in your body
· This fiber is derived from the seeds, leaves and stems of plants and is noted the U.S. being a soluble fiber, which means it breaks down completely in water.

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Side Effect of Citrucel

Using a laxative such as Citrucel for weight loss are ineffective and potentially dangerous. People often drink a laxative with the idea that the drug would be ill-advised to rush the food through the digestive tract, preventing the absorption of fat and calories. Actually, NEDA explains, laxatives work in colon after nutrients have already absorbed in the small intestine. Every weight that might be lost with the consuming laxatives is water will you get back after you stop using it. Although the Citrucel is one of laxative tamer, but still have side effects. Public reaction against methylcellulose include gas, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. Side effects are rare but serious include vomiting, swallowing hard and debilitating stomach pain. The following is a list of side effects that can occur in allowing medicines containing Methylcellulose content or Citrucel. This is not a comprehensive list. These side effects are possible, but it is not always the case. Some of these side effects are rare but serious. Consultation on your doctor if you notice any side effects, especially if the side effects are not lost. For example Bloated distension, nausea, fluid retention, and diarrhea. If you look at the other side effects no listed above, contact your doctor for medical advice. You may also report side effects to the food and drug administration authorities at your local.

Product Description of Psyllium

Psyllium is a type of fiber that is able to expand, absorb water and normal bowel movement to make a stimulus. In the digestive tract of fiber is not digested and absorbed by the body but its usefulness as a laxative (launched defecation) and helps nourish the function of the large intestine (colon). Psyllium Husk works like a sponge that can absorb and remove dirt. Psyllium Husk at the time of entry into the human digestive system then the Psyllium Husk will form a thick gel and absorbs the liquid bile (bile/gall) in the small intestine and bile that discharge in conjunction with human waste. Psyllium Husk or Epidermis has long been known as an excellent means to get more dietary fiber in one’s diet because of the high amount of fiber compared to other grains. Psyllium Husk lot contains 66% 34% soluble fiber and insoluble fiber that acts as a natural laxative. Synergistic effect of soluble and insoluble fiber psyllium helps to prevent and overcome constipation. In addition to that Psyllium Husk is beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol and lowering the low-density lipoprotein, known as “bad cholesterol”. Psyllium Husk can also aid in weight loss and the amount of blood sugar.

Benefits of Psyllium

Some of the benefits of Psyllium are:
· Overcoming Constipation or launch Chapter (Defecation)
· Soluble fiber will bind water in the stool (feces), so the stool will become soft and easily removed
· Help lose weight
· Soluble fiber hindering amylase enzymes work so as inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and give sensation of fullness (suppressing hunger) in the digestive tract. Moreover, it can speed up spending the rest of the food eaten
· Help lower bad cholesterol so as to prevent stroke
· Soluble fibre can lower the blood with evil cholesterol binding bile acids and remove it along with the dirt.
· Reduce distractions haemorrhoids
· Soluble Fiber can overcome distractions haemorrhoids caused by chronic constipation

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Usage is quite simple with just put some Psyllium into water, fruit juices, vegetable juices, soups, milk, etc. Make sure you consume plenty of fluids before and after him. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Side Effects of Psyllium

The following is a list of side effects that can occur in allowing medications containing Psyllium Husk. This is not a comprehensive list. These side effects are possible, but it is not always the case. Some of these side effects are rare but serious. Consultation on your doctor if you notice any side effects the following side effects, especially if it does not disappear especially if going on most of the gas in the stomach and the stomach is accompanied by cramping. A diet high in fiber such as Psyllium supplements may give rise to consume the effect be bloating, increased intestinal gas production and sometimes cramps. In anticipation of this high fiber diet should then slowly and gradually for a few weeks. It also provides the opportunity for natural bacteria in the digestive system to adjust to the changes. In addition, drink plenty of water because fiber works better when it absorbs water and makes the stool soft and bulky. Some health conditions can make you invulnerable on the side effects of drugs. Consumption as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions printed in the product brochure. The dose is based on your condition. Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens.


Exploring fiber supplements especially between Citrucel vs Psyllium will find a hard thing to make you choose the right one for you finally. However, if we have to give you certain reason to make a decision. Psyllium has the potential to be either helpful or to cause problems, or do both at the same time. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not at all unusual for us to discover that patients are allergic to psyllium. On the other hand, Citrucel’s active ingredient is methylcellulose, a chemical compound derived by chemical processing of an undisclosed source of cellulose. It is not a naturally occurring part of a plant and is not fermentable.