Citrucel vs Mirafiber

The juice of the fruit or vegetables that are in the process of making throw all the dregs, it certainly has no fiber again, not beneficial to health. Similarly, discard the skin of fruits and vegetables will reduce the levels of fiber. The intake of fiber from natural food is generally better than supplements. Supplements such as Citrucel vs. Mirafiber insufficient variations in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients such as contained in the food is intact without being processed. But it would be quite influential than not at all. Then as to whether the battle we will do a review on Citrucel vs. Mirafiber as ingredients of your choice? Let’s refer to this article.

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What is Citrucel?

Theoretically, Citrucel is a product of such a methylcellulose nonfermentable produce less gas, better tolerated than psyllium. Citrucel is also literally a bulk-forming laxative is present in the material of powder and capsules. Mass-forming laxatives attract water to make soft stools, indigestion and is easily bypassed. Citrucel is usually not habit forming, so used to relieve constipation and maintain healthy bowel patterns are regular. Laxatives work in different ways, and the effectiveness of each kind of laxative varies from person to person. In General, laxatives shaper, also known as fiber supplements, the most safe to use long term. Citrucel is included in this category.

What is Mirafiber?

Mirafiber is a fiber product made with DailyComfort Fiber which is a 100% soluble, non-fermentable fiber, Methylcellulose, which helps move stool through the intestines too. Mirafiber also can help you get the daily fiber you may need to help support regularity. Mirafiber supports regularity with DailyComfort Fiber, which works naturally with your body. What distinguishes MiraFiber from dozens of other fiber supplements on the market is the fact that it was made by Bayer giant pharmaceutical. If the name of the supplement sounds familiar, it is because it was made by the same person who made the Miralax fiber supplement.

Benefits of Citrucel

Citrucel in the same benefits as any fiber supplement, including increased digestion of regularity, relieve symptoms of constipation, encourage your body a healthy digestion and natural process of elimination and avoid the use of harsh chemical stimulants. Citrucel uses a certain type of fiber called methylcellulose. Supplement makers claim it is “only fiber for regularity that will not cause excess gas”. That’s because methylcellulose is insoluble fiber. While the soluble fiber of yeast in the colon is in and makes uncomfortable gas, Citrucel is berries-free, soluble fiber. That means all the benefits of soluble fiber (water improves absorption and more regularity) with no loss (no fermentation that causes uncomfortable gas).

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Benefits of Mirafiber

MiraFiber claim that their supplement has all of the following benefits, including work naturally with your body, has less likely to cause gas, a great-tasting powder or convenient capsule, and become a secret power behind MiraFiber comes in the form of DailyComfort Fiber, which is categorized as a non-fermentable fiber, so it’s less likely to cause gas.Miralax uses polyethylene glycol 3350, which MiraFiber uses a methylcellulose-based formula called DailyComfort Fiber. If you have already used Miralax and had unwanted gas, then MiraFiber may be a worthwhile alternative.

Risk of Citrucel

Although the Citrucel is one of laxative tamer, but still have side effects. Public reaction against methylcellulose include gas, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea. Side effects are rare but serious include vomiting, swallowing hard and debilitating stomach pain. Every fiber supplement nature and different side effects. For more information about the dietary fiber to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, you can ask for advice from a qualified health care provider, registered dietitian or nutritionist.

Risk of Mirafiber

The secret power behind MiraFiber comes in the form of DailyComfort fiber, which is categorized as a free fiber, so it is less likely to cause gas. As with all fiber supplements, MiraFiber is designed primarily for groups at risk for people, including those who have difficulty maintaining digestive order. Regularity problems can be caused by aging, not drinking enough water, not getting enough exercise, and low-fiber diets, among others. One of the important things to note about MiraFiber is that it uses a different active ingredient than Miralax, a fiber supplement made by the same manufacturer.

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Role as a supplement

Citrucel is yet another fiber supplement made by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The main difference between Citrucel and other fiber supplements is that it causes less bloating. This is a soluble fiber that is not fermented. Use methylcellulose as the active ingredient. Citrucel is widely touted online for benefits, with most customers agreeing that it works as advertised. The main problem with Citrucel, however, is that it tends to price slightly higher than its competitors.

MiraFiber is a fiber supplement made by Bayer giant pharmaceutical. These supplements usually cause less gas and bloating than other fiber supplements. It also has a relatively low dose of fiber per serving or 2 grams weight. You will not be able to rely solely on MiraFiber for your daily fiber intake, so you will need to find fiber from other food sources as well. Overall, MiraFiber is a well-reviewed fiber supplement available at competitive prices compared to other brands in the market. If you want to take fiber supplements, but have run into painful bloating problems in the past, then MiraFiber might be the right choice for you.


In order to make a conclusion between Citrucel vs Mirafiber, you must take a consideration in what does the supplement offer for you and your body whether it is on good or bad ones. Citrucel is known as the most expensive fiber supplements, but it is a great thing for treating irritable bowel syndrome and can enhance digestive regularity. However, because it has high dosages, it can cause hard and big bowel movements that you will feel damage and pain as well. Whereas Mirafiber is designed to support your whole digestive health with less boating and gas than other fiber supplements.