Carnation Instant Breakfast vs Shakeology

A number of people spend thousands of dollars on fast foods, however a good percentage today value their health and fitness. They have taken on products that support good health and fitness.The market has availed so many products that customers are left wondering if every thing out there that is said to be of good health should be trusted. Some people have taken on health products without the doctor’s consultation not knowing that people with a particular allergy/ailment may not or are not allowed to take the products that have not been prescribed by the doctor or even those that have not been approved by the regulatory authority.


Some of the products out on the market are Carnation Instant Breakfast and Shakeology, to mention but a few. When you hear of Instant in Carnation Instant Breakfast, you definitely will imagine the time element is catered for here. So no need to spend hours in the kitchen making breakfast Where as Shakeology on first encounter may sound like one’s ready for a body vibration. Where as these health products or supplements have helped a number of children and adults, the big question today is how much sugar related beverages is recommended for one to take in per day ?

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Working out in order to get in shape has greatly enhanced one’s fitness. Whereas some may feel too embarrassed to work out , the bigger percentage has taken on caring for their health and fitness and decided to either take on a jog or have supplements in their diet that will enable them live healthy. Health and fitness enhancement is needed to further help on the personal health curve.


In conclusion it is advisable for one to take prior consultation from his/her doctor/physician before taking any health product or supplements. With Carnation Instant Breakfast and Shakeology as some of the health products, one needs to look at the sugar levels involved, how much sugar should one take in even at the start of the day for breakfast or any other meal.

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